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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Nr. Wells, Som.  Telephone: Wells 72126.

Editor: D.J. Irwin, Townsend Cottage, Priddy, Nr. Wells, Somerset.  Telephone: Priddy 369.

SWEAT SHIRTS:  The second order has at long last arrived and those who ordered should receive them shortly.  There are a few spares and anyone wishing to obtain one should contact John Dukes.

Cave surveys:  Graham Wilton-Jones holds the club stock and anyone should contact for details of the latest stock.  Remember that they are considerably cheaper than those available from commercial sources.

Reports have been coming in of a new chamber discovered in Goatchurch.  Apparently it is off the tight upper passage at the end of the Drainpipe.  About 100ft. of passage is reported.  The diggers are unknown.

Browne's Folly Mine and Swan Mine:  Arrangements for CSCC control of access is nearing completion - details will be published as soon as available.  In the meantime telephone Sir Charles Hobhouse for permission to descend.

Guy de Block, of Belgium collects insignias from caving associations, grottoes, national meetings and congresses and his collection, started in 1950, will be on display at the 8th International Speleo. Congress, Kentucky in 1980.  Anyone having anything of this nature that they do not want should send it to him at Rootstraat 54, B 1981 Vossen, Belgium.  He is not interested in commercial material.

The Odd Note

Deepest Cave in the world: Gouffre Jean Bernard at 1402m

BCRA Winter meeting is at Crickhowell - subject 'Cave Diving'

Bruce Bedford is hoping to organise a charter flight to the USA for the 8th International Congress (July 19th - 24th 198.)  Anyone interested should contact Bruce.

British Caver has published and article 'Hints for Caving in Austria'.  The content was approved by the AGM of the Federation of Austrian Cavers on 26th October 1979.  The copy of the BC may be found in the club library.  (British Cave No 78, p23)

Derbyshire Sump Index, 3rd Edition is now available from Oliver Lloyd.  Price 50p.

A new mining book: Metal Mines of North Wales by J.C. Williams - picture book with 80 photos. Published by Charter Publications, April 1980.  Price £2.75.

A new booklet from Mike Boon.  The Great San Agustin Rescue.  The booklet records Mike's involvement on the February 1980 rescue when a polish caver broke his back some 2,000ft below the surface.  Price £1.50 + 25p postage from Tony Oldham.

A new cave at Batts Combe Quarry – Whopper Cave.  The cave, in the upper level of the quarry, 23ft wide at the entrance drops 60ft down a shaft into a massive chamber up to 30ft wide and 100ft long and roof up to 85ft high.  The survey figures give the cave as having a length of 390ft and 100ft deep.  The cave has now been blocked.

Maesbury Swallet – Alan Thomas’s old dig of 10 years ago has been turned into a 450ft long cave by the Cerberus S.S.  Apparently not very inspiring stuff and is halfway between Lionel’s Hole and Windsor Hill Swallet.