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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Nr. Wells, Som.  Telephone: Wells 72126.

Editor: D.J. Irwin, Townsend Cottage, Priddy, Nr. Wells, Somerset.  Telephone: Priddy 369.

Drinking At The Hunters

Fault Finding Chart (Reprinted from Surrey University Rag Mag. 1978).




Action to take







Drinking fails to give satisfaction and taste, shirt front wet.



Feet warm and wet


Mouth not open while drinking, or glass being applied to wrong part of face.


Incorrect bladder control

Buy another pint and practice in front of mirror.  Drink as many as necessary until technique perfect.


Stand next to nearest dog - after a while complain to owner about lack of house training.  Demand pint as compen­sation.

to be continued….


Martin Grass has sent in the following notes:

St. Cuthbert's: The Arête Ladder has been removed from the cave for repair.  The bolts are safe and all leaders will need to take a lifeline and ladder plus a short tether.  The ladder will be replaced as soon as it has been overhauled.

O.F.D.  As stated in the May BB, the Columns have been gated and will only be opened on 6 weekends every year.  ALL parties must be accompanied by a leader from the Nature Conservancy.  Dates will be published in future BB's.

Otter Hole has been booked for the BEC on September 6th 1980.  Anyone interested should contact Martin either at the Belfry or telephone (0582-35145).

Peak Cavern: Anyone interested in a trip should contact Martin NOW and he will arrange some dates.

BEC Leaders:

            DYO & Tunnel -             Graham Wilton-Jones (Te1:0296-28270)
                                                Martin Grass (Tel:0582-35145)

            OFD -                           G. Wilton-Jones
                                                Mike Palmer (Tel:0749-74-393)
                                                M. Grass

            Reservoir Hole:              D. Irwin (Tel: 074-987-369)
                                                M. Grass

Anyone who thinks that they are still leaders for OFD or DYO should contact Martin as the SWCC have no record of them.

A note to George from the ‘Wig’.  In response to your letter to the BB some 12 months or so ago, a short series of articles 'A Brief History of Mendip Caving, 1960 - 1980' will be published in the BB shortly.  This will cover all new caves and their locations and extensions to the then existing caves.