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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Nr. Wells, Som.  Telephone: Wells 72126.

Editor: D.J. Irwin, Townsend Cottage, Priddy, Nr. Wells, Somerset.  Telephone: Priddy 369.

Editorial Notes

……changes to B. B. & changes to club exchange copies.

Following discussions with the Committee a small, but significant, change will be taking place in the B.B. contents from the June 1980 issue.  Over the years the Club has always re-affirmed that members want the B.B. published monthly even though there has been a strong case for a bi-monthly or quarterly publication.  This policy remains unaltered, members will still get a monthly B.B.  The proposed change will be experimental until the A.G.M. in October enabling members to have their say and to make any necessary changes.

Basically the change is this.  The Belfry Bulletin is a newsletter for members and so each month a bulletin of some 4 to 6 pages will be published with considerably more club news and information and less actual caving articles except for the usual club trip reports and news in brief notes.  The longer and more serious caving material will be kept back for a quarterly issue of the 'BB' so that a larger issue, hopefully, of between 20-30 pages can be produced known as the 'Belfry Journal' but subtitled 'Belfry Bulletin'.  The 'Belfry Journal' will have its own numbering system but will also retain the sequential numbering of the 'Belfry Bulletin' (do I hear the bibliophiles moaning!?)  Further, the Belfry Journal will be the ONLY publication produced by the Club for exchange with other clubs so enabling the B. B. to be for 'internal consumption' only allowing a greater concentration on club affairs and, if necessary, the full airing of controversial views to a greater degree than has been possible in the past.  The changes will also allow a better presentation in the Journal than has been possible in the past as there will be more time to concentrate on its preparation and it will, hopefully include photographs and off-set surveys to make it a more saleable product in line with other clubs.  Apart from essential Club notices and other news the Journal will be exactly what it claims to be - a Journal.

The Editor will retain the right of selection of the material submitted but obviously any important news will find its way into the general issue of the B.B. in précis form with the fully detailed article eventually published in the Journal itself.

There are times when material runs short and issues have to be produced in a bi-monthly form (as with this issue) as has happened, so often in the past when material has just not been sent in for publication.  A quarterly publication primarily for caving material gives time for an accumulation of material to be gathered and allows the Editor to give a better balance. Further, it will save the Club about £20 a year on postage on the Club exchanges with other organisations we rarely get monthly exchanges - and those that issue on a monthly basis tend to send out their copies on a quarterly basis to save postal expenses.  If you have any views on the change then come along to the AGM and air them or send a letter top the Editor for publication.

For the first time since becoming Editor of the B.B., I have to say there is no material in the stockpile - so get your pens to paper and send in your trip reports; surveys; reports on digs; holidays; technical notes; the Bulletin/Journal combination allows a greater flexibility for material of all kinds.