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Proposed Changes To The Belfry

by John Dukes.

On the next two pages are outline plans of the proposed alterations to the Belfry, both downstairs and up in the attic.

All the dotted lines indicate walls to be removed.



General notes:

Door 1

At present the door into the Bunk Room.  This is to be blocked as stairs to the attic will block this access point.

Door 2

Currently door to the Library.  Will be door to the Bunkroom.

Door 3

New access door from modified changing room

Door 4

This is the door to the womenÂ’s room.  To be blocked up.

Door 5

New door into changing room.


2m x 1m with small corner hand basin.

Showers (1)

2m x 1.8m with 4 shower heads.  Tiled throughout.

Showers (2)

2m x 1.5m with 3 shower heads.  Tiled throughout.

Drying Room

2m x 2m.  Means of heating not yet decided.  Ventilated by extract fan controlled by time clock.  Tiled throughout.

Changing Room

Ventilated by extract fan controlled by time clock; this is separate from drying room.

All access to drying room and showers from changing room.  Floor to be tiled and to incorporate drainage gullies and cleaning hoses.


To retain the alpine bunk and remove the bunks in the alcove.  Net loss of two bunk spaces.

All comments to these proposals should be sent to: -

John Dukes, c/o The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Nr. Wells Somerset.

Address change

Arthur Ball, 11 Brooklyn Road, Cheadle, Cheshire, SK8 1BS

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