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Devon Surveys

The following mine surveys are available from the Plymouth Caving Group, 7 Berrow Park Road; Peverell, Plymouth, Devon. (Tel. Plymouth 775362).

Latchley Consuls                       35p

Devon Great Consuls                  50p

Ding Dong                                 50p

There is no mention of postage and packing but about 20p should cover the cost


G.B. KEY - Will the person who last borrowed the GB key please return it to the Hut Warden - please.

Insurance for Cavers for Members of BCRA and Member Clubs

The BCRA are about to sign an insurance policy that will cover all members of the organisation when they are caving and also when they are participating in BCRA activities for public liability claims.  The policy also covers members carrying out activities on the surface and includes a member to member clause.

Individual members of the BCRA will automatically be covered as soon as the policy is signed (not later than the 1st April 1980) provided that they have 'Paid their subs for 1980. The maximum sum payable in respect for one claim is £500,000.

Member clubs of BCRA may participate in the scheme and will be required to pay an annual premium in the order of 15 to 25p per member and to submit a statement signed by the Chairman and Secretary concerning its membership.  There is no information available yet as to Landowner Indemnity such as we require for St. Cuthbert’s.

Expedition/Foreign Travel Insurance.

All members participating in the above scheme (whether directly as a member of BCRA or a member of a member club) will be able to obtain a special insurance cover which includes the usual clauses in addition, to a special clause of £4,000 in respect of cave or mountain rescue services.  Details of this scheme have to be finalised but the premium will be in the order of £1 for one week and £6 for 4 weeks.

Whole expedition or individual travel cover must be taken out through the BCRA's appointed insurance officer - it cannot be taken out directly with the insurance company direct. An insurance officer will be appointed soon.  Until that time all enquiries should be addressed to Dave Judson, Bethal Green, Calderbrook Road, Littleborough, Lancs. OL15 9ND.

At the moment the BEC are in the process of negotiating a policy with a firm in Southampton and also with Wells Brokers.   Whether the BCRA scheme has any advantage to us remains to be seen - it is assumed that the Club Secretary will be dealing with this matter.