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8th International Congress Of Speleology

For those members intending to visit the U.S. of A next year to attend the Congress here is some details that may be of interest………….

The National Speleological Society (USA) in conjunction with the Western Kentucky University, Mammoth Cave National Park is sponsoring the 8th International Congress in Bowling Green, Kentucky from the 18th to 24th July 1981.

The First Circular has just been issued and some of the plans are outlined below: -

In addition to the usual list of lectures the evening sessions have already been outlined in some detail.  Sat, 18th: Plenary Lecture - Karst of the United States; Sun. 19th: Reception at Lost River Cave, films and slides; Mon 20th: Visit to Mammoth Caves; Tues 21st: Films, slides and social; Wed, 22nd Barbeque and Dance; Thurs 23rd: Special programme.

Pre Congress events (preliminary costs only have been given).

Central Appalachian Karst (July 14-17th) $300; Hydrology of Central Kentucky (July 13-17th) $160; Northern Alabama (July 12-17th); $300; Southern Indiana (July 13-17th) $250; Flint Ridge (July 13-17th) $100; Florida Cave Diving (July 13-17th) $100; Greenbier Speleo Camp (West Virginia) (July 11-16th) $110; Northern Alabama (July 11-17th) $120 and Cave Management Symposium (July 12-15th) $90.

Cave Rescue (July 11-17th) $200.

Post Congress Camps: -

Carlsbad-Guadalupe, New Mexico (July 27-31st.) $250; Flint Ridge (July 25-30th) $70; Perry County, Missouri (July 25- 30th) $70 and Western Kentucky (July 25-28th) $40.

COST OF CONGRESS $106. All the figures given are provisional. Anyone interested in further details should write to the Congress Secretariat: -

Eighth International Congress of Speleology Secretariat,
Department of Geography and Geology,
Western Kentucky University,
Bowling Green,
Kentucky, 42101,