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What makes you do it ?

A filler article has been submitted by Alan Thomas….

We were asked that question many years ago as we prepared to descend some blow holes on the Pembrokeshire coast. Kangy said "Because its fun."  The man said "But don't you feel an inner compunction driving you into the bowels of the earth?"  Kangy said "No."  The man was disappointed.  This is what I call the weegee attitude and since it is the attitude of 99.9% of the population I have always taken great pains to understand it and as a compulsive teacher to explain my attitude.  It is difficult as you will find if you try to make your colleagues understand why a dozen or so people who cave regularly on Mendip should travel 500 miles to the middle of Belgium for a weekend in January with snow forecast.

"Is it a special occasion?" they ask. 


"Is there something special about the caves?" 

'No. "

"It’s just because you haven't been down them before?"

"It’s not that."

"You go all that way just to go down a cave!"

"I'm not bothered if I don't go down a cave.”

"You must be."

"No, I went on a diving holiday for a fortnight last summer and didn't dive once."

"Suppose you can’t get back because of the snow?"

"Just suppose."

So we went 500 miles, we stayed at a hut like the Belfry, we did a bit of easy caving, we got legless on the Saturday night and, felt ill all day Sunday; as J-Rat said, it made a nice change.

The last word ………………

"Did you have a nice time last night?"

"Yes, I feel quite ill thank you."