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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Nr. Wells, Som.  Telephone: Wells 72126.

Editor: D.J. Irwin, Townsend Cottage, Priddy, Nr. Wells, Somerset.  Telephone: Priddy 369.

News in Brief

BEC members working in Gough's Cave - work above and at the back of Solomon's Temple has revealed a rift containing some fine helictites.  Diving at the First Feeder by Martin Bishop et. a1. shows that under water removal of boulders feasible and way on can be seen.

BCRA and NCA merger - or to put it another way - Is the BCRA making a takeover bid?  At the recent NCA Annual Meeting the Treasurer's Report suggested that the NCA and BCRA should merge.  This produced an immediate joining of forces by the CCC, DCA and CSCC - with the CNCC notably sitting on the fence.  Dave Judson threatened to resign when Waltham was being opposed as Treasurer.  A full report will appear in the next BB.  CSCC has at last achieved some of its objectives - the C and A Convenor has no vote on the Executive and. the Constituent members of NCA may nominate their representative on the Executive.  There is one thing that IS clear of the fog and that is that the BCRA is no body fit to be the National representative of the caving population.  One wonders if the BCRA financial position is causing them to think of NCA takeover so that they have direct access to Sports Council grants….


Many of you will have seen the club sweatshirts that were obtained last year and many found them excellent value for money.  Well a second order for a further batch is being prepared and members wishing to obtain a sweatshirt should write to the Hut Warden - Garth Dell - NOW and give him details of size, numbers and CASH.  The price has gone up slightly but this should be no surprise to anyone but is still good value at £6.  The budget may change the VAT rate so this price could change according to that effect.

Send your order WITH CASH, POSTAL ORDER, CHEQUE or what have you to

Hut Warden, c/o The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.

Last orders will have to reach the Belfry by the end of April 1980