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By Tim Large our Hon. Secretary

Everyone receiving this B.B. is now a paid up member.  There are 147 of us. Hopefully some of these who are perpetually late payers will pay their sub sometime in the near future.  It does make the Treasurer’s job more difficult as we cannot finally calculate haw much money is available for various needs.  This was part of the reason for altering the club year in the new constitution.  Perhaps another change in the constitution will encourage members to pay up earlier. Suppose we had a £5 joining fee besides an £8 subscription.  Then once the latest date for payment of subs had past, lapsed members would have to reapply and pay the £5 joining fee the same as new members.  This should also increase the clubs income - Any comments?

TACKLE: - As you all should know most of our ladders, lifelines etc., are stored in the new Tacklestore/Workshop.  Minimal tackle is kept in the wire basket in the showers for midweek caving by those who occasionally come to the Belfry.  Those caving on a frequent basis can apply for a tackle box key to enable access to the main supply.  Since the introduction of the system all seems to be working well, except that some members are taking tackle from the store, but on finishing their trip are leaving it in the showers.  It is important to put the tackle in the store even if you do find it in the showers. Only 1 ladder, 1 lifeline and 1 tether shall be kept in the showers also please complete the tackle book in order that we know where all our tackle is and what usage it gets.

SHATTER CAVE ACCESS:- In the January B.B. (The ODD NOTE) written by Wig he mistakenly published that we now have 2 leaders to Shatter Cave. This is incorrect.  At the present time Chris Batstone and myself are being assessed by the Cerberus S.S. along the same lines as to our leadership system for St Cuthbert’s.  Once this is completed we have to wait for the C.S.S. decision as to whether we qualify as leaders.

LIBRARY: - has recently purchased copies of the following: -

'Complete Caves of Mendip'

'Mendip Underground'

'Lead Mining in the Pea District'

The two Mendip Guidebooks are for reference at the Belfry only and on no account be taken away.

The Lead Mining book has been compiled by members of the Peak District Mines Historical Society, and makes very interesting reading.  It covers the history and geology of many mines.  Those of particular interest are Knotlow, Magpie, Hillocks and Odin Mines.