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from Tim Large

Club Sweat Shirts - As many of you will have already seen, the first order has now arrived. Those members wanting to order should contact John Dukes as soon as possible.

Carbide:   A new supply of carbide has been purchased. Price will be 45p a lb.

Digging Competition: This was eventually won by the Wessex with 700ft against our 400ft.  A celebration barrel was held at the Belfry on the 2nd of December.  The competition is being held again over the next 12 months.  All new cave gratefully received from all members!

Eastwater Cavern. The cave is now open again after a fine engineering job by the Wessex making a 15ft shaft.  It is about 3ft square and drops to a more stable section of the ruckle in the lower reaches.

C.S.C.C.  The Hon. Secretary, Dave Mockford has resigned. A meeting is to be held in January 1980 to elect a replacement.