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Letters To The Editor

Dear Dave,

I agree with Tim Large's comments in the October B.B. about Life Members.

It was because I considered the B.E.C. offered the finest value for money on Mendip that I became a Life Member.  The Life Membership fee seemed realistic at the time, but there is no doubt that soaring inflation has made it look silly.  I look forward to reading my copy of the Belfry Bulletin but have no wish to be subsidised by today's youngsters.  Why not work out the estimated cost per member per year and, at the same time as you ask for annual subs, you could ask for a magazine levy from long-time Life Members.  I for one would be quite content to pay up, and I reckon most of my contempories would too.

Yours sincerely,
Len Dawes
Matlock Derbyshire. 2
8th November 1979.

P.S. Please thank whoever it was who posted the sweatshirts to me.  They’re great – worth the 12 month wait!

Thanks Len for your letter.  Roy Bennett and myself have been preparing a letter to be sent to all Life Members suggesting the same idea and this should be in the post by the time this B. B. is published.


From Cross Bob.

Dear Dave,

By popular request, I have contacted our friend Mr. Sanderson at Chapel Stile in the Lake District with a view to renting his superior dwelling for our annual Lakeland Epic in February next year.  If for some reason he cannot accommodate us, I propose to try Yorkshire Mountaineering Club at Copper Mine Cottages at Coniston, or possible Fell and Rock at Solving House, Borrowdale – unless anyone has other suggestions.

The dates, by the way are February 14th - 18th inclusive, and the activities will no doubt take the same form as on previous winter meets so sharpen up your winter ice axes and crampons, and shake the mothballs out of your Duvets!

Let's try to arrive at some numbers etc., as soon us possible so we will not be disappointed.

Bob Cross, Mountaineering Sec.