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…..a regular column by our Hon. Secretary Tim Large….

The new Club year begins with 224 members in the Club.  Of those 76 voted in the committee elections.  The A.G.M. was poorly attended with only some 40 members being present.

A REMINDER…..SUBS ARE NOW DUE and should be paid by the 31st December 1978.  To enable the club to function various projects it would be appreciated if you could all pay your sub as soon as possible.  The new subscription rates below:

Full member      £8.00

Joint member     £12.00

Junior member   £6.00

The Committee has three main items to action from the A.G.M.:

1.                  Fund raising scheme for Belfry Improvements.

2.                  Insurance to cover all members and Cuthbert’s Leaders when caving.

3.                  Mike Wheadon submitted some criticisms of the Club Constitution.  A Sub-Committee is to be formed to consider it.

At the October Committee Meeting the Hut Fees were increased (the new rates are given on page 1). Over several years much has been said about arrears of Hut Fees by some people.  I can see no reason why anyone should be in this position.  You know what they are, so make sure you have got the money.  Everyone always seems to have enough for beer, but never for Hut Fees!

The Digging Competition between ourselves and the Wessex is being fiercely contested.  In recent weeks new passage has been found by one or both every weekend.  Pete and Alison Moody are working in Swildon’s Shatter Series with good results. We are relying on Manor Farm which has recently yielded 70ft of new passage at the lower end of NHASA Gallery. Also some new passage has been found in Long Chamber Extension, Cuthbert’s.

The Committee has been approached by the M.R.O. regarding installation of a radio transmitter/receiver at their depot in the Stone Belfry.  It is proposed to have a base station there with remote unit wire to a position by the telephone in the Belfry.  This was approved by the Committee.  Included with the equipment is a mobile radio for car installation and a portable personal unit.  This will greatly improve communication during rescue work and enable cavers and equipment to be summoned quicker.

ADDRESS CHANGE: Jim Smart, 73 Queen's Road, Clifton, Bristol.


BCA WINTER MEET in Teacher Training Centre, Wells.  DECEMBER 8th.

Lectures commence at 2.00 with William Stanton on new information gathered from new bore holes; Chris Hawkes talking on Westbury Quarry; Fred Davies on the epic Cowsh Aven dig ending with a discussion on recent radio locations at Wookey.  'Prew' will be giving a talk on the equipment used in Wookey.