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by Time Large

One year closes and another begins.  You will have noticed from your ballot paper that Chris Bastone and Martin Bishop are not standing for the Committee.  Chris has been Hut Warden for several years now and has decided to take a well earned rest. It will be difficult to find a comparable replacement.

The Club Sweat Shirts have been ordered and should be here soon.  If you have not already ordered one then do so ready for the next order as all are spoken for on the first supply.

The Treasurers report will highlight the clubs financial position.  As has already been detailed in the B.B. subs will need increasing. Our Building Society capital is greatly reduced to cover ever increasing costs and to offset the reduced sub this year. Although covering only 9 months our major expenses for the period remained the same as usual.  In some cases e.g. insurance, there were premium increases.

While not wishing to criticise life-members, and all that they have done for the club in the past, I think that they have had good value for their money.  Life Membership will always be theirs but I wonder if the clubs financial position could be slightly alleviated if they could contribute towards the costs of printing and postage of their B.B. - what do you think Life Members?

I hear from Zot that he has a job on an Antarctic Survey supply ship, and is leaving before he can provide his usual humour at the Dinner.

Star Mines – Shipham

(Ed. note - my apologies for the error of name the author should be recorded as Neil Weston.