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Hon. Treasurers Report, 1979

completing our current series of club officers reports, Sue Tucker presents …

As Treasurer I have had a very enjoyable year serving on the Committee, and would like to thank the Committee for all their help.

Since the start of the Club year I have made a little alteration to the books, and have opened many more accounts to give clarity and to ease the accounting load at the end of the year.  I have also taken over from John Dukes the responsibility for B.B. postal (which ties in closely with the subs) and, when necessary, the collation.

I am very pleased with the way that the subs have come in this year und trust it wasn’t entirely due to the cost, and hope that the club membership will continue to support the club in the very difficult years ahead.

It has been a greet disappointment to me that the club made a loss this year, caused by inflation (coupled with a 2/3 year sub) not only catching up with us, but souring way beyond expectations, whilst the club tries to survive on a grossly inadequate sub.

The main areas of expenditure have been:-

Repairs & Maintenance        £233

Insurance incl. Pub. liability £312

Electricity incl. showers       £218

Replacement of tackle          £184 (after the losses of last year).

and, of course, the B.B. This has cost the club a staggering £461 of which £70 was spent on envelopes and £176 on two years supply of paper.  This was off-set by a sub of £356 - a loss of £105 not taking into account other items the subscription has to cover, i.e. insurgence, and I cannot foresee this figure getting any smaller, as this year we will have to purchase envelopes, the next paper and so on ad infinitum, we of course, have to take into consideration the postage which has just risen.

So the sub must rise drastically in order for the club to recoup the losses, keep puce with inflation and be in a position to keep the hut in an adequate state of repair (let alone improvements) if we are to compete with other clubs on Mendip.

I have done some research on the projected cost of the B.B. for next year und hope that this AGM will digest the figures and NOTE the savings to the club of the alternatives.

All figures worked on an Est. 250 envelopes per month:



4, 000 purchased




Sept 78

£70 outlay

250 x 12

250 x 6

250 x 4




= 1,500

=1, 000




= £26.25







Sept 79+

£104 outlay

250 x 12

250 x 6

250 x 4




= 1,500





= £39.00








+ Supplier: Harpercroft. I phoned the supplier on 27.9.79, today’s price for 4,000 envelopes would be £104, unfortunately they have not that amount in stock, there is a 20 week delay in delivery from the manufacturers and Harpercroft cannot guarantee the price as they do not know what it will be.

All the following figures are worked on an est. U.K. postings and 30 various o/seas countries.

1978/79 total postage £133.73.  1979/80 total postage £283.20 (est)


























O’seas surface












Est. cost


220x12x8    = 211.20

  30x12x20p =   72.00


220x6x11p   = 145.20

  30x6x10p   =   36.00

220x4x13½  = 118.80

  30x4x36p   =   43.20










Join the est. figures for postage and envelopes together: Monthly 362.00; Bi-monthly 220.20 and quarterly: 188.00 - surely the figures speak for themselves. Sue Tucker