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compiled by 'Wig'


As a result of a trustee wishing to resign, the introduction of the new constitution at the 1978 Annual General Meeting which requires trustees to be members of the club, Martin Cavender is drawing up the official paperwork naming the new trustees as from the 1st October 1979.  As from that date the new trustees are:

Bob Bagshaw, Roy Bennett, Les Peters and Alan Thomas


At the September Committee meeting it was decided that guests wishing to borrow cave keys from the Belfry will leave a deposit of £5 for the key and each member of the party will be charged 25p per head hire charge.  This charge is to recoup some of the expenses incurred by the club through its sub to the CSCC and the Charterhouse Caving Committee.  Members will be able to obtain the keys free of charge but they are reminded that any guests on their party are liable to the 25p charge.


Wessex had some 330ft of assorted passage at the end of September - mainly in Swildon's Hole.  Another 50ft plus is in the offing in Shatter Chamber Extensions.

B.E.C. are at lust getting worried!  50ft of new passage was found in Tynings recently and on 29th September, Danny Bradshaw and Bob Cork added 254ft in Wookey 24 (still going); Manor Farm is being saturated with digging teams in an effort to boost this.  A secret weapon in the form of Chris Richards can at last be revealed with a new cave on Western Mendip – see next B.B.

N.B.  We must also dutifully report the sad loss of some 4,500ft of passage by the Wessex - not 3,000,000 miles away from Eastwater Lane.  They have a lot to catch up!