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Hon. Librarians Report 1979

Loans have continued at a reasonable rate this year, sufficient a library such as ours.

However, where lending is a practice, losses are bound to occur from time to time.  But this year we have not lost minor items but expensive books which would appear to be a major oversight (?) - Limestone and Caves of NW England Derbyshire (currently priced at £7 and £11 respectively). Would the members who have these books please return them to the Belfry or the Librarian.  As a result of these losses it has been decided to store all our scare and rare books in a separate cupboard.  These may be borrowed by members on personal application to the Librarian.  Would members please remember that loans are for up to 1 month and that they are asked to record their borrowings in the Library record book provided in the Library.

Having been the Librarian since 1972 I feel that it is time that it over by a younger member.

D.J. Irwin
August '1979

Hon. Secretary's Report 1979

The Club again has had a successful year, in many respects, but some areas have given cause for concern. Financially we have been working on a tight budget due to (a) the reduced subscription of £2 and (b) the fact that inflation has caught up with the annual subscription.  This will necessitate an increase in the sub which the committee has fixed at £7.50.  Membership looks like being maintained at last years numbers, but at present sane members are late in paying.

Subscription paying members number 140; Life members 50.  Although probably a convenient way to raise money quickly Life membership appears to have been an unwise decision.  It is now 10 years since the Belfry burnt down and of our present membership 120 have joined since that date and maintained their membership.

The Belfry and site has been much maintenance and repair work in the main carried out by the usual small number who give up caving time to writ on the HQ.  The Tackle/Workshop has been completed and the battery charger is now operational.

I think it is important for the club to consider the club's HQ; its future facilities with regard to usage, and make provision now for a programme of improvements over several years. The method of financing this is debatable and will I am sure be discussed with the topic of subscriptions.

In past years much debate has ensued regarding projects the club can consider undertaking.  Decisions have been swayed by old ideas and policies. New thinking is now needed to take the club well into the 1960's.

The club's caving activities continue to progress with trips of all types including much digging. Earlier in the year Tynings Barrow Swallet was re-opened after an 18 month closure.  Again this year members are involved in two expeditions to Austria.

The Committee has had a busy year following last years AGM and EGM.  The new constitution has been published and the new deed of appointment drawn up and signed by our new Trustees.

Committee member’s attendances to date which cover 11 months read like this:

Dave Irwin - 11

Tim Large - 12

Sue Tucker - 11

Nigel Taylor - 12

Chris Batstone - 8

Martin Grass - 9

John Dukes - 10

Graham Wilton-Jones - 10

Martin Bishop - 3

This includes an extra meeting held with the Cuthbert’s Leaders.

Bob Cross resigned at the October meeting due to work commitments.  Martin Bishop was co-opted being next in the voting order.