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compiled by 'Wig'

In this issue the notes are combined with the odd note that would appear in 'Jottings' which will back on course in the next issue of the B.B.  The BCRA Conference at UMIST, Manchester in mid-September seems to be as popular with BEC members as in past years.  A mini-bus load is disappearing up the M6 on Friday 14th September to what will no doubt be a rather beery weekend with many hundreds of cavers from all parts of the country attending.  Glenis and Martin, with no doubt a hand from the Wilton-Jones are setting up a BEC stand containing caving reports and surveys for sale and also backboards dislplaying new surveys and photographs supplied by 'Wig' and Barrie Wilton relspectively.  I understand that Martin Bishop, Barrie and Stu McManus are leaving early Friday morning and hope to make it a great pub crawl before settling down for the night somewhere in Manchester. The BEC too, are making their contribution this year among the speakers at the Conference.  Mike Cowlishaw is talking on Ropes; Nigel Dibben will be lecturing on the Alderley Edge Mines and Dave Irwin giving a lecture on 'Isometric Presentation of Cave Surveys'.  On the sidelines will be Graham Wilton-Jones prepared to give a lecture on the BEC Austrian Expedition that took place in July-August of this year.  Not bad - 4 speakers from BEG out of 24!

Congratulations to Roger Stenner on being awarded the PhD for his work on heavy mineral contamination in the Severn Estuary.  During August 'Sett' and 'Sett' Junior, Julian spent a week at the Belfry, no doubt Sett was paving the way for Julian on becoming a member of the BEC in about six years time!  Members who were active in the late '50's will remember Oliver Wells and will have read of his visit to Mendip earlier this year, well the second generation has seen the light, James, his son has joined the BEC - a part rebellion against authority no doubt!

Seen recently on Mendip were Roger Haskings and John Major.  Roger, who was once the Hut Warden of the Shepton in the middle '60's and John, an old BEC member were passing through on their way back from the US of A.

Alan Thomas gave me this note the other day¬Ö "Among those to be seen in the Hunters on the night of the Buffet coincidently were Roger Haskett and John Major both of whom now live in S. Africa.  John was returning to S.A. from the states via Priddy".