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compiled by ‘Wig’

Tim Large has given me the menu for the dinner at the Caveman on October 6th 1979.  Note the new times: 7pm for 8pm which gives plenty of time for people to get their third pint in before the meal!


Minestrone Soup or Fruit Juice


Roast Ribs of Beef & Yorkshire Pudding

Chateaux & Parsley Potatoes

Garden Peas and Brussel Sprouts


Fruit Salad & Ice Cream OR

Ripple and Raspberry Tart (hot)


Cheese and Biscuits



NB: Red wine (1 bottle between two)

Sue Tucker has given me the following notes:

Annual Dinner Tickets will be available soon.  The Committee have put a limit on numbers of 140 so get your NUMBERED ticket from Sue as quickly as possible.  Please enclose an S.A.E. with your order.  Price for the dinner is £4.50 each.  Sue's address is:

Mrs. S. Tucker,
75 Lower Whitelands,
Telephone: Radstock 35165


Sue writes, again (!) that would members send their subs to her and not give them to the Hut Warden as this results in delays and much confusion when sending out the BB's.  Sue sends her apologies to anyone who has had a reminder on their BB but has already paid (blame it on clerical errors!)

1979 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – official announce of the date---------

The meeting will be held at the Belfry commencing at 10.30am.  The usual lunch of bread end cheese and beer will be laid on.  Members wishing to change the constitution should let Tim Large have the resolutions so that they can be circulated to all members with the August B.B.  The new constitution is included with this issue of the B.B.

Nominations for the 1979/80 Club Committee is now called for; the closing date will be 8th September. Please send your nominations to Tim Large, c/o The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Somerset.

Welcome to the following new or rejoined 'old' members:

753 Sue Jago, West Cottage, Church Lane, Farrington Guerney, Avon.
648 Dave Glover, c/o Leisure, Pamber Green, nr. Basingstoke, Hants.
779 Jim Durston, ‘Hill View’, Old Beat, Maidendown, nr. Burlescombe, Devon

Address changes:

878 Ross White, P038389Y, 5 Troop, B. Company, 40 Commando Royal Marines, Northern Ireland, BFPO 802
935 Lynne Williams, 10 Silver Street, Wells, Somerset.

Thirty Odd Years Ago -

March 20th, 1943 - first trip after re-organisation of Club.  A trip to Goatchurch.  Party went through Drainpipe and examined lowest chamber thoroughly.

A dog marooned half-way up Rock of Ages was rescued by T. Stanbury and C. Drummond.

Members present: - T.H. Stanbury, C. Drummond, D.W. Jones, G. Tait, T. Ward and T. Charles.

3rd April 1943. A trip by cycle to Swildon's Hole.  The Club made its first test of wire and duralumin ladder on 40ft. pot and found that the ladders exceeded all expectations.  On return journey met party of 7 men and 2 girls in Upper Grotto and took them cut as they were lost.

Members present: - T.H. Stanbury. C. Drummond, D. Hasell.

These extracts are from Volume One of the caving log and show that the B.E.C we first again - this is the earliest record of electron ladders being used in the UK.  The UBSS are usually credited with this record about 1946.  This extract from the caving log just shows the importance of keeping a good, detailed log.

AN EXILE RETURNS TO MENDIP.  Oliver Wells has recently paid a visit to Mendip with his son, James.  Caving has been the priority before he gets too old. Anyway, to make up for list time they both got cracking and descended Swildon's to Sump 2 with Phil Davies.  Wayne, of the MCG accompanied them down G.B. and ‘Wig’ down Cuthbert's together with Don Thomson and his son, Justin.  When not kipping on old friend’s floor, Oliver stayed at the Belfry and met and talked with current Belfryites.

AUSTRIA 1979 - Graham W-J, ‘Jayrat’ and about 14 others will be on their way to Austria by the time you read this B.B. and pushing a number of holes left unfinished last year above the south wall of the Dachstein.  No doubt we shall be having all the news from Graham for the September or October B.B.

CORNWALL is a dangerous place - according to the Gospel of Chris Batstone.  On holiday in Cornwall with Sue Jago and kids plus Stu Linseys boy Chris, managed to write off not only his aging car but a 'J' registered Jaguar as well.  Though shaken up there were apparently was no serious injury except for one of the children who suffered a cut requiring stitches.

The 'Hippies' return to Mendip:

About 400 Hippies are at the Mineries Pool area at the time of writing and another 400 is said to be expected.  Lord Waldegrave has given them permission to stay but the local ‘bobbies’ are keeping a wary eye on them.  The MRO store has been stripped of the useful essentials in the way of medical goods and for the time being these are being kept at Wig’s.  Apparently they have already set up a stage of sorts and one wonders if there will be a ‘Pop Festival’ on the Priddy agenda!