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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Nr. Wells, Som.  Telephone: Wells 72126.

The views expressed by contributors to the Belfry Bulletin, including those of club officers, are not necessarily the views of the committee of the Bristol Exploration Club or the Editor, unless so stated.  The Editor cannot guarantee that the accuracy of information contained in the contributed matter, as it cannot normally be checked in the time at his disposal.

Swildon's hole

Pete and Alison Hooper (yes they're now wed and we offer them our sincere best wishes even though they are members of that club at the top of Eastwater Lane - the Wxxxxx!) have made their mark yet again in Swildon’s.  After a number of digging trips they have found a passage leading off Shatter Chamber towards the Seven streamway.   It is said to be about 150ft long and quite bouldery at the end.  The mud stirred up on the stream in the passage emerges under the first boulder pile in the Seven streamway.  Although they were digging at another point the stream they have found what must be the one the SMCC heard, and dug for, way back in the early ‘70’s.

Ian Dear M.F.

Nick Thorne has again been awarded £50 to cover part of his expenses to Austria this month.  Members will remember that he was there last year with the Cambridge University Speleos and the result of their work was published in the September 1978 issue of the Belfry Bulletin.

Programme of meets organised by Dave Metcalfe

12th August Little Hull/Hunt Pot - Two potholes within a short distance of each other providing good SRT trips.

8th ~September Grange Rigg Pot - An interesting pot with succession of wet pitches and crawls to the terminal sumps.

30th September Dale Head Pot - A fine pot, but requiring plenty of energy to transport tackle through the initial entrance crawls to the Main Route.  From there the pitches following in quick succession.

14th October - Eldon Hole (Derbyshire)

20th October Stream Passage Pot - Roomy pot with big pitches leading to stream chamber, sand caverns and Gaping Gill Main Chamber.

25th November Pippikin Pot – an arduous pot with tight squeezes and dry entrance passages and pitches leading to a couple of steam inlets and chambers totalling 4 miles.

Editorial notes

This month sees, I hope, an improvement in the quality of the B. B. as far as the printing is concerned. Back in November 1977 the club purchased 100 reams of bond paper from Tony Corrigan at an extremely cheap price - so cheap in fact that he could not afford to let it slip through our hands. Anyway, as you will all know, bond paper is not sufficiently absorbent for the gestetner stencil printing process and so ‘off-sets’, sometimes badly, on the back face of the sheet.  I hope that the collating team have been selective and not included bad cases in your B.B.  If they have, please accept our apologies.

We have now found a supplier in the London area who has let us have one hundred reams of Croxley duplicating paper at £1.74 a ream - remarkably cheap considering the retail price in Wells for the same stuff is about £4.50 a ream!  Two further price rises were in the pipeline including the VAT increase anticipated at the Budget and luckily Martin Grass got the order placed three or four days before that took place.  The price was £2.20 a ream but providing we collected the paper we could have 20% off.  Thanks to Martin he went and collected the quarter ton load.  Anyway its here on Mendip and hopefully the presentation has a reasonable improvement.

JULY B.B. This issue concentrates mainly on club business in readiness for the 1979 AGM October.  The minutes of the 1978 AGM are included (thanks to Fiona for typing them) and all the available information from Sue Tucker, our Hon. Treasurer, necessary to determine the future subscription rate. A breakdown of these figures per member is given and should give people a good indication of the size of the sub required.  The Committee will be making up mind at the August meeting on Friday 3rd August at the Belfry, when they will formulate a resolution to the AGM.

NEW COVERS: Thanks to Garth Dell for the production of the new cover.  He's printed them on paper to assist in keeping the postal charges down when the B.B. size is over 17 pages.  7,000 covers have been printed which should give us two years supply. My apologies for a lack of cover for the June issue but when I came to print there were only thirty or so left in the pile - the remainder were backing sheets.