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EGM Minutes

Minutes of EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING held at the Belfry on Saturday 7th October 1978 to discuss the Committee Resolution: -

That this meeting accepts the re-drafted B.E.C. Constitution in view of the resolution passed by the 1977 A.G.M. and Martin Cavender’s comments regarding recent changes in legislation.  Further the committee believe that it is essential that the indemnity and trustee clauses be included in the new constitution, the former to protect the club against any potential claim and the latter to ensure that the trustees be brought under the control of the Annual General Meeting of the club.

The meeting was convened at 10.15am by the Hon. Secretary Tim Large, the necessary quorum being present. He then asked for nominations for a chairman.  Colin Dooley and Sett were nominated from the: floor.  The Hon. Secretary called for a vote and Sett was elected by a large majority.

The chairman then read the committee resolution and then suggested that the proposed constitution be discussed section by section.

Dave Irwin suggested adding to the Presents the definition of member, as it, was, not made clear in the new proposals.  Also adding the definition of a probationary member.  Martin Cavender suggested that the probationary member’s clause was not necessary.  Alan Thomas felt that the probationary member’s clause should be left in.  Nigel Taylor proposed, seconded by Tom Temple that the probationary member’s clause be included in the new constitution.  A vote was called for, 25 in favour 8 against, motion carried.

John Dukes expressed concern over the time lapse for some probationary members before they are ratified. Barrie Wilton said that the new clause 3f was intended to prevent this, every probationary member being ratified 12 months after the date of acceptance.

Alan Thomas suggested that the E.G.M., instruct the Committee to publish a list of probationary members in the B.B.

The meeting accepted that clause 3f has added ‘and has not been ratified.’

Roy Bennett proposed an amendment to the existing clause 1, that it be deleted and a new clause inserted (copy attached).  He felt that the new proposal needed much more clarification.  Nigel Taylor said the purpose of the sub-committee was to simplify it from the load of rubbish it has been.  On a point of order Alan Thomas asked the chairman for Nigel Taylor’s comments to be minuted and that he apologise for the comments.  Nigel without prompting retracted his statement and apologised.  A vote was taken 9 being in favour with 32 against, motion defeated.

Bob Bagshaw suggested that there was need for clarification of 'permanently salaried member of the club'. Martin Cavender suggested that the new proposal covered the meaning adequately.  The meeting agreed to delete the last line of clause 1.

Joan Bennett expressed concern ever the exclusion of anyone under the age of 18 from joining the club. Kangy explained that the reasons for excluding minors was connected with the question of indemnity, also that the age of new members has risen.  Bob Bagshaw said that if we were worried about indemnity then perhaps guests under 18 should not be allowed to use the Belfry or, join in club activities.  Dave Irwin said that the problem regarding minors had arisen from the insurance claim over the lamb Leer accident and the problems of taking minors caving.  Tom Temple said that the exclusion of minors from the club activities and the Belfry would prevent many youngsters from using the club who do so as guests at present.  Steve Tuck said that by excluding minors then those who became interested in caving when in the scouts, youth clubs etc. would be unable to join the club during the period of usually leaving these groups at 16 and attaining the age of 18. Martin Bishop suggested that minors could be include by providing member to member insurance cover, but that this would possibly raise the club subscription.  Joan Bennett said that this was not necessary so as we could accept this risk as we always have done without radically changing the club. Alan Thomas proposed, seconded by Joan Bennett that the lower age limit for the club be 16.  18 in favour, 11 against – motion carried.

Kangy proposed, seconded by Steve Tuck that there be no lower age limit for the club.  The motion was substantially defeated with only 3 in favour.  Martin Cavendar suggested that 3(a)A be amended to read ‘Members shall be over the age of 16 years and sub-divided into:-‘  The meeting agreed with a murmur of concern.

Joan Bennett suggested an amendment to 3c so that the financial club year runs from September 1st to give the treasurer time to produce a statement of accounts before the A.G.M.  Joan Bennett and Dave Irwin said that the reason was to rationalise the club finances. Dave Turner proposed, seconded by Martin Bishop that the club year runs from September 1st.  19 in favour, 22 against, motion defeated.  Joan Bennett proposed, seconded by Martin Cavender that the club year runs from October 1st.  Motion carried with a large majority.

Bob Bagshaw said that 3g of the new constitution gave powers to expel any member, but no power to fine – despite the Hut Wardens power to fine.  Roy Bennett suggested adding ‘suspend’ to 3g line 6, after ‘expel’. The meeting accepted this unanimously. The meeting agreed to delete also by majority pass a resolution in line 6 of 3g.  Alan Thomas proposed, seconded by Martin Cavendar that the expelled or suspended person has the right of appeal to a general meeting.  Carried unanimously.

Bob Bagshaw said that 3h could be revised to read ‘sent in the ordinary course of post or delivered by hand’.  The meeting agreed.

Joan Bennett suggested an amendment to 4e line 5 as in its present reading a poll could be held up by 2 members.  Martin Cavendar suggested amending 4e line 4 after seconding – adding ‘supported by vote’.

Bob Bagshaw suggested that 4a needed clarification over the word ‘sent’, but the meeting felt that the clause adequately said what was intended.  4(b) to include ‘at least’ on line 4 after give.  4(d) to include ‘lesser’ to be inserted instead of ‘least’ line 2.  Alan Thomas proposed deleting 4e from ‘unless’ onwards, seconded by Colin Dooley. 30 in favour, 3 against, motion carried.

Bob Bagshaw said re-4h, delete ‘non present’.  The meeting agreed by general consent to insert in 4h ‘whether or’ in line 1 after member.  Dave Irwin pointed out that 4g could be deleted as 4h now covered the point.  The meeting agreed.

Bob Bagshaw said that in 5a some words could be deleted as they were not necessary.  Line 1, delete ‘unless otherwise determined by a general meeting’.  Line 3, delete ‘whatever the circumstances’.  Line 5, delete ‘or reversed’.  The meeting murmured its approval.  Martin Bishop expressed concern over 5a with regard to the membership of committees of clubs of similar aims being eligible to hold office, and whether this included the Cave Diving Group.  Discussion took place and the meeting agreed that the C.D.G. was a national body and not a club.  Martin Bishop proposed, seconded by Dave Turner that the following be added to 5a. This shall not apply to committee members of national and regional clubs and bodies of like aims.  In favour 40, 0 against.  Motion carried.  Dave Turner proposed, seconded by Alan Thomas that 5b line 5 be changed to read ‘the first week of’ after ‘by the end of’.  12 in favour, 0 against motion carried.  Dave Turner proposed seconded by Alan Thomas that line 5b line 2 be altered to read – committee during July.  The members - .  The meeting agreed.  Dave Irwin proposed, seconded by Joan Bennett that the present clause 63 be substituted for 5c.  The meeting agreed unanimously.

Joan Bennett felt that in view of the A.G.M. of 1977’s precedent, the B.B. editor being elected by the A.G.M. that the B.B. editor should be a committee member.  Joan Bennett proposed, seconded by Martin Bishop that 5d have added B.B. editor after engineer.  40 in favour, 1 against, motion carried.

The meeting discussed the question of 5d in respect of the number of posts a committee member should be allowed to hold.  Some felt, that one post was to restricting and that individuals could do more than one job as shown in the past.  Alan Thomas proposed, seconded by Dave Irwin that 5d be changed from ‘not more than one’ to ‘not more than two’.  34 on favour, 4 against, motion carried.

Bob Bagshaw pointed out that the word ‘Honorary’ should be added between ‘following and offices – (5d line 2).  The meeting agreed.

The meeting discussed 5g and generally agreed that ‘Chairman’ should be changed to chairman – as the club has no formal chairman.  Also in 5g from ‘If notice’ to end of clause br deleted.  Joan Bennett proposed, seconded by Martin Cavendar that 5h be amended to include: - Line 2 ‘An audited annual income and expenditure account shall be present at the Annual general meeting’ --- Agreed unanimously. 5h Line 2 reasonable inserted before ‘time’.  5c add ‘members are entitled to attend committee meetings’ – agreed.  The meeting agreed to accept 5j as it stood.

Alan Thomas suggested that 6c should be included on the application form.  The meeting agreed and considered it should be actioned by the new committee.

Bob Bagshaw said regarding 6c that in line 5 from ‘save’ to the end of the line could be deleted as it was unnecessary.  The meeting agreed.

Martin Cavendar suggested that in 6a line 3 be amended – after period – ‘at the discretion of the Hut Warden, subject to ratification by the committee’.

Bob Bagshaw suggested that 6b be deleted – the meeting agreed.

Some discussion took place regarding 7a and Dave Turner, seconded by Alan Thomas said that it should be amended to reads from 60% to 75% of registered members present at the A.G.M. Dave Irwin seconded by Joan Bennett said that 7a should be changed from poll to A.G.M.  In favour 34, against 2, motion carried.

The meeting agreed to accept 7b/c without alteration.

Martin Cavendar and Bob Bagshaw, being experts in the field of Trustees discussed clause 8 clarifying points for the meeting.  The meeting agreed following their advice to: - delete ‘be’ – last line.  That line 2 ‘a general meeting’ shall elect the Trustees. That line 8 from ‘who’ to line 14 ‘Trustees’ be deleted.  The meeting agreed.

Bob Bagshaw pointed out that there were several grammatical errors which needed tidying up.  The meeting agreed that Bob should check it through at a later date to correct such errors, but without altering meanings.

It was proposed by Martin Bishop and seconded by Tom Temple that the new constitution as amended and agreed upon at this meeting, be accepted as the clubs constitution and be effective as of the end of this meeting.  Motion carried with a large majority.

There being no other business the meeting was closed by the chairman at 1.20pm.

Ed. Note:  Our thanks to Fiona for typing the minutes of the E.G.M.