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compiled by ‘Wig’

CLUB TIES - new stocks available

New stocks of club ties, in the modern wide fashion, are available from Nigel Taylor (c/o The Belfry, Wells Rd., Priddy, Nr. Wells; Somerset).  The material is similar to the old stock and the colours are the well known gold bat on a maroon background or silver bat on a navy blue background.  There are limited stocks and they are selling well here on Mendip.  To make sure YOU get your order send off NOW with the P.O. or cheque made out to the B.E.C.

The price is very reasonable at £3.50 each or £6.00 a pair (one of each colour).  The ties will be available at the Mid Sumner Buffet. Please add 25p for p & p.  So don’t forget send off now.

CLUB SWEAT SHIRTS - a note from the committee.

Several members have placed orders for the BEC sweat shirt and are probably wondering what has happened to them.  There have been difficulties with the printers and the sample that they claim to have sent has not arrived either at the Belfry or at John Duke’s address. Tim Large has been in contact with the printers and is trying to sort things out.  Our apologies to all concerned for the apparent cock-up.


There have been a number of articles and notes reprinted in the British Caver without any reference their source.  The latest issue has included the Wigmore article by Tony Jarrett together with 'Wig's' survey.  It is published as though the article and survey was written solely for Tony Oldham - they were not.  Any publisher is welcome to reprint any article or note published in, the B.B. providing that an acknowledgement to the B.B. is given, unless stated otherwise.

TYNING'S BARROWS SWALLET - new access arrangements

An access agreement has now been arranged with the new owner of Tynings Farm and it is as follows:

A stile will be built across the hedge and as near the cave as possible with a fenced path leading from the stile to the cave (and around it).  The material for this work has kindly been donated by the farmer.  Keys will be distributed to 4 or 5 of the major clubs on Mendip.  There will be no need to call at the farm and no changing facilities will be available.


It was noted on a recent trip into the cave that parts of the streamway just beyond the Aardvark Trap are in a very loose condition with various large blocks seemingly held up with nothing but faith.

            (Martin Bishop)


During the May Day weekend Jon and Val Ransome were on Mendip and after a visit to the Hunters and hours ‘gas’ of the days of the old wooden shed over coffee (what else!) at the Wigs.  Dave Glover also made a welcome re-appearance and has since rejoined the club.


The Club Secretary, Tim Large and hut Engineer, Nigel Taylor are taking their holidays from July 18th to August 16th this year and staying at the Belfry to enable outstanding work to be done on the Belfry.  They would welcome any member that comes along and gives a hand. 

    (Nigel Taylor)

P.S. Martin Grass said he would travel 140 miles to the Belfry if there was someone there to work with - anyone else willing to come along to give a hand?


This annual conference of BCRA is to be held as usual in Manchester at the Renold Building, UMIST, Manchester between 14 – 16 September 1979.  Accommodation is available at £4.00 per night.  Entry tickets £1.50 for members and £2.00 for non-members.  Note BCRA membership cards must be shown. Send booking to Bob Picknett, 28 Potters Way, Laverstock, Salisbury, Wilts, SP1 1PX and cheques should be made payable to R.G. Picknett – Conference Account.

It is hoped that the club will take one of the commercial stands to sell caving reports and surveys as well as highlighting the activities of the club in general.

Anyone willing to give a lecture should make their offer to the Lecture Secretary, Keith Plumb, 55 Firwood Ave., Urmston, Manchester. Tele. 061 865 6726.,


Many may know that Ross White has joined the Royal Marines and has now passed in basic training making him a fully fledged commando.  God help anyone caught in a squeeze with Ross on the wrong side!  Also on army matters, Tony Tucker is living it up in Canada furthering his career in the T.A. and no doubt wishing he could buy a pint of Hunters bitter.

               (Tim Large & Wig)

NEW MEMBERS – to all a warm welcome

958       Fiona Lewis, 53 Portway, Wells, Somerset.
959       Alisa Hodgson, 15 Cromwell Terrace, Chatham, Kent
960       Michael Phinister, 4 Old Hill Lane, Inverness, Scotland.

….and those members on the move …… their new addresses

959/960 Paul & Alisa Hodgson, 15 Cromwell Terrace, Chatham, Kent
823 Any Sparrow, Hekellan 4, Shertogenbosch, Holland
878 Ross White, PO3838PY, Recruit White, 125 Alpha Troop, Chatham Company, Limpstone Camp, Devon

Club Notes….

As you will realise, this is a new column for the BB for the odd note dealing with the Club and Club Members.  If you have anything to contribute let your editor have it, in writing please.  Where you are going for a holiday; your next planned caving trip; whose been seen on Mendip; any small item of gossip and news. For example two small items – the Bennett’s on their holiday in Scotland stayed with John Stafford for a few days and Steve Grime was on Mendip recently threatening to punch everybody up, as usual! Following the skirmish in the Belfry last year, Garth and Bob X have patched things up even though the beak put them on probation for a year!