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Tim Large’s regular feature…

This year marches on all too quickly.  Don’t forget the 23rd June for our Midsummer buffet at the Hunters.  Book your tickets with Martin Bishop (Tele Priddy 370) – price £2.50ea.

Jonah was on one of his now regular trips to Mendip; still as active as ever, recounting a winter motorbike excursion to the Lake District.  He found it a bit cold!  Garth tells me that he recently visited Sybil and found her well and the same as ever!  When are we going to see you on Mendip?

Dave Glover was down recently and has rejoined the club.  The LAMB LEER key is now available at the Belfry and can be obtained by contacting a committee member as it is kept at the Belfry.

The CSCC AGM was held on 19th May at the Hunters.  The new Hon. Sec. is Dave Mockford of South Bristol S.S.  ‘Butch’ is Chairman and Roger Gosling remains as Treasurer.  Some concern was expressed at the meeting over the new access arrangements for Shatter cave.  The Cerberus S.S. have cancelled the guest leadership system. All trips have now to be arranged via Cerberus via Ken Gregory, 30 Kennedy Ave., Sawley, Long Eaton, Notts (Tele Long Eaton 60742 (home); Long Eaton 68511 (work))

On 20th May a meeting was held between the Club Committee and the Cuthbert’s leaders to discuss the question of insurance.  Bob White was present and advised on various insurance aspects.  Many thanks Bob for coming along, it was much appreciated. Various alternatives were suggested from having no insurance at all to insuring every member of the club.  The leaders passed a recommendation for the Club Committee to submit to the next AGM.  It reads, ‘That the Club again considers the possibility of obtaining comprehensive insurance to cover all club members and Cuthbert’s leaders.’ So, perhaps you could all put a little thought to that ready for the AGM.  Other facts and information has already been published in previous BB’s on the matter.

The leaders also passed a resolution that the club seeks reciprocal rights of access, similar to Cuthbert’s Guest Leader system with other clubs who control access to Mendip caves. It’s obvious who that’s aimed at!

It is hoped to complete the tackle store-cum-workshop in the old Belfry, a new door is ready for installation.  With a little help to complete this and the final waterproofing of the roof should make it operational before the AGM.

We still have a few caving boots in stock – sizes 5-8.  Price £8.75ea.  Contact me at 53 Portway, Wells, Somerset.

That’s all folks!