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Banwell Bone and Stalactite Caves are closed until further notice until the Axbridge Caving Group have been able to repair the doors to the caves.  Permission has been obtained from the new landowner enabling cavers to visit these historic caves - on Sunday as well.  You’ll remember that the previous owner had a thing about his Sunday.  Before the Axbridge members were able to get to the caves, a lock has been placed on the Bone Cave door by the Dundry Caving Group without leaving any address for people to contact them.  This was done apparently without the knowledge of the landowner. From the grapevine it would appear that the Dundry group is an off shoot of the South Bristol Speleos and, so they are cavers who should know better.

Jonahs Travels.  Wig recently received a letter from our old friend Jonah - who has sent his sub for the next five years - hint(!).  Apart from requesting a key to the Belfry which he has tried to get for the last twenty years or so, he writes to say that he would like one so that he doesn’t have to chase around the Priddy area to get a key just for a bit of cooking.  He says, “Had a week in Clare mid-Jan.  Much too cold to do anything.   Did the 420 miles to Stranraer non-stop on the motorbike and froze to death.  Spent most of my time in O’Connor’s at Doolin between walks…."  Not bad for a young 74 year old!  Keep it up Jonah.

Cheshire: Alderney Edge Mines.  Access details:

West Mine - P. Sorensen, White Barn Farm, White Barn Road, Alderney Edge.  All parties must be led by key holders.

Wood Mine - controlled by Derbyshire C.C.  Contact Nigel Dibben (address in Nov. '78 BB)

Engine Vein Mine and all other mines: National Trust, Mr. G. Noel, National Trust Office, Attingham Hall, Attingham Park, Shrewsbury.

Mexico: New American depth record (-870m).  No pitches 13km long descending down the dip, following the side of the mountain.

The latest volume of Current Titles in Speleology 1978 (International) is out.  254 pages, covering over 4,000 references to articles published in 1978 culled from about 300 caving jounals and books from all areas of the world.  There is a feast for those interested in equipment and techniques (260 entries). A copy is in the club library. For those who want a copy for their library will cost you £4.00 from Tony Oldham.

Spanish cave in world depth league.  GESM Abyss reaches ‘terminal’ lake at -1074m.

Austrian reaction to 'foreigners.'  In a recent issue of the Salzburg area Magazine one of the editors writes at length on the Foreign Problem. These cavers are finding the Austrians best caves in new areas and suggest a permit-cum-quota system as used in the Himalayas.

Wig received a Xmas Card from Helmut Planer in which he wrote that his club have explored and surveyed 4-5km of ‘newlands’.  Die Schonste Hohle is a wet cave with formations and some 2.2km long.  And later, they explored in the Hocklecken-Grosshohle to a depth of about 1,000metres!!



If you have not paid by the time the next BB is issued YOU won’t get one.



Joint member £3.00

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Send your subs to:         Sue Tucker, Hon. Treas.,

                                    75 Lower Whitelands, Tynings, Radstock, Avon

So it’s up to you – pay up and keep your membership to the liveliest club on Mendip.