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By Tim Large

New members:

948       Axel Knutson Jnr., 21 Milford St., Southville, Bristol

Address changes

933       Di Beeching, 15 Waterloo Road, Shepton Mallet, Somerset.
Bob White, Cedar Hall, Henley Lane, Wookey,'Nr. Wells, Somerset.


At the recent annual, meeting improvements to the indemnity chit and permit system was agreed.  To overcome the constantly increasing files containing the application forms a revised form will be produced which incorporates the permit as well as a tear off slip.  In the case of temporary permits one of these will be completed at each application.  For club members the complete form will be completed once every 5 years.  In this way the files can be greatly reduced. From the issuing point of view we can be sure: that an application (indemnity? - Ed) has been signed. Whereas before we have often taken a persons word for it.


The UBSS have now informed us that the new bolting arrangements are complete.  They write, “We have now re-bolted the Ladder Dig with two new bolts with removable hangers.  The lowest of these is about two metres above floor level an the next is a reasonable distance up and to the left.  From the second the series of existing three eyebolts and chain can be reached.”

"The bolts are TROLL punch-bolts.  Take with you two hangers having 3/8"holes and an open ended spanner.” Eventually the club will provide these for members use.  More details when they are available.


Following the concern shown over the new tackle arrangements some modifications to the system have now been made.  The box in the Belfry which holds the tackle store key has had its lock changed.  In the past, the lock was the same as the Belfry door and so the Belfry key would fit this lock.  Now this has been changed and a security lock fitted.  The key for this is available to members on personal application to the committee.  It is intended particularly for those caving mid-week as the key can be obtained from any committee member at the weekends.  I would stress that by mid-week etc., it means on a regular basis. The number of keys being issued will be kept as small as possible, so if you are a once in a blue moon mid-week caver, it is doubtful that you will get a key.  Also if there are two or three members who normally cave together, then only one key will be issued under the names of the three, so that anyone of them could use it.  The cost of the key will be the cost of having a key cut.  Currently it is £1.00


An illustrated talk by Jack Culvert entitled….


The talk will last about an hour and a half, so there will be plenty of time for the pub.  Jack says that he has about 300 slides.  This should be a good evening.  REMEMBER 7.00pm at the BELFRY, 7th APRIL.

Cuthbert's Insurance

Some concern has been expressed by leaders and members regarding this topic.  The Committee have enforced the recommendation made by the 1976 AGM but when the matter was discussed again at the March Committee Meeting some points were raised which should be seriously considered.

  1. The Cuthbert's leader's are, now insured, but what about the ordinary member?  The 1976 AGM also recommended that they, too, should obtain suitable insurance cover (third party, at least) but no pressure has been placed them (you, the reader!) to do so.  The whole question of this insurance was sparked off by the Lamb Leer incident.  Although not tested in court, the parties were sufficiently worried to settle the matter, with a substantial payment; and this was an ordinary caving trip.

    Having gone to all this trouble in respect of Cuthbert's, it could be disastrous if a claim were made against a member on an ordinary caving trip, and that person was not insured.  Are we absolutely sure that in those circumstances there could be no claim against the club?  (NO. - Ed)
  2. The main reason for not including the person - person liability in the club insurance was the question of cost.  At present we pay about 60p a member, as opposed to about £4 if it were included.  At the present subscription rates this would mean if we went for the ‘gilt-edged’ policy, similar to what we had prior to 1976, the subscription rate would have to be increased to about £8.50 allowing for the necessary proportion for life members.  In this day and age is that too much to pay by comparison with other activities?  Another question for you.  Isn't one of the reasons for joining a club to obtain the benefit of access, information, equipment AND insurance?
  3. When Cuthbert's leaders take a tourist trip requested by the Caving Secretary what happens if one of the members of that party does something that injures the leader?  Should the club ensure that party members are suitably insured?

    It appears that the matter is very far from being clear and a meeting has been arranged primarily with the Cuthbert’s Leaders and the Club Committee on Sunday 20th May 1979 at 2.30pm in the Hunters.  All members interested are asked to attend.  This, meeting, obviously is only a fact finding gathering and though the Committee can take a certain course of action within Club policy it cannot take any major policy change without first going to the Club by an EGM or wait until the AGM.

(Ed. I must point out that though Tim’s the Club Secretary, this column does not represent the official view of the Club Committee and are Tim's own reports and thoughts on any Club matter).