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Last month Tim Large outline the arrangements regarding tackle; just too late for the November BB. Graham Wilton-Jones submitted a summary of the tackle situation and this is published below.  A moments thought, after reading the distressing situation will impress on you that the committee have no alternative but to restrict access to the store and if more tackle is lost then all tackle will only be available by a asking a committee member and during mid-week, making prior arrangements.

In the July BB I briefly mentioned that the tackle log was not being used correctly, and that many items of equipment were missing from the store.  By the time the Tacklemaster’s Report was published in September the situation has worsened.  By the AGM the store contained some half dozen ladders, a similar number of tethers and one, yes ONE, rope.  As I write this, a mere fortnight since the AGM, perhaps a few consciences are still pricking and a few garages and car boots being; cleared out a little more thoroughly than usual.  This weekend (20 -22 October) the store actually has a significant quantity of tackle, though, not all it should have by any means.

Someone at the AGM did ask how much tackle was missing and when the value of the missing equipment was queried at the weekend committee meeting I guessed about £400 of ladder and at least half that much of rope.  On the Saturday I did another stock check.  Even while I was doing this two ladders and a tether were returned, and I was informed of the whereabouts of two other ladders.

I believe that a list of missing gear will be useful.  We still await the return of the following ladder's:

L3(10ft); L6(20ft); L7(20ft); L11(20ft); L12(20ft); L16(50ft); L21(20ft); L22(20ft); L24(20ft); L33(20ft); L36(20ft); L37(20ft), L39(20ft); I47(20ft); L38(20ft) and a 30ft lightweight ladder that went missing immediately after I had coded it.  All that adds up to 350ft of ladder, worth at least £1.00/foot.

The following tethers are not accounted for:

T1; T2; T3; T4; T5; T6;T8; T14; T17 and (Spreader) 4. Particularly annoying is the fact that some of these articles were only made in May of this year.

One THOUSAND seven hundred feet of rope is missing.  A little over 1000ft can be written off anyway for a number of reasons; some had been missing for a long time; most is too old to be satisfactory as lifeline; some has been misused and damaged but never ‘officially’ written off.  The following ropes should be in good condition still, but their whereabouts are not known:

N4 R2 (65ft. no.4 nylon); N4 R3 (65ft. no.4 nylon) 140ft polypropylene, coded with blue ends; 60ft polypropylene, coded with blue ends; 150ft Viking Nylon, coded with blue ends, 150ft Viking Nylon, coded with blue ends; Approximately 150ft of brand new nylon super-braidline, un-coded.

The value of this quantity of rope is about £65.00

If we say that the average cost of a tether/spreader is about £1.00 then the value of the missing tackle works out at £425.00. HENCE THE COMMITTEE DECISION TO WITHDRAW PRACTICALLY ALL TACKLE FROM GENERAL AVAILABILITY.  Well, now that we know exactly what is missing how about doing something about it?

Graham Wilton-Jones