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Tacklemaster’s Report

My report this year is one long moan.

I have spouted enough on previous occasions about taking proper care of equipment we have, about using the tackle log correctly and keeping the store neat and tidy.  The moan is about missing tackle this year. In particular we still have five lifelines missing, one being a brand new length of superbraidline nylon left in the Library until I could label it.  At one time all the older tethers were missing, though one turned up recently in a totally useless condition.  Several ladders are also missing.  For a short period of time, even the tackle log went missing.  The missing equipment cannot be accounted for by going through the tackle log to find who borrowed it, for it just has not been signed out.  After I mentioned the loss of certain items of tackle in the BB some months ago, two ladders and a rope, in a disgusting state, were returned.  That was all.

Thanks once again to Mike Palmer for the plentiful supply of C links.  Most of these have been used for the manufacture of new tethers which have now gone into circulation.

The superbraidline that was not stolen has been cut into lengths of 50ft, 100ft and 150ft.  It is kept in the roof along with other reserve store tackle such as the lightweight ladder.  During the last weekend in august the roof was broken into again yet again.  How long will the reserve tackle be safe?

Reserve tackle has been mixed up with equipment from the ordinary store, and lightweight ladder has been used for general trips on Mendip.  The arguments against this practice should by now be well known. The lightweight gear is not substantial enough to withstand constant use, and is reserved for the use solely away from Mendip.

To return to the original moan, I cannot see the Club sanctioning the expenditure of further monies on tackle while the current phase of misuse continues, nor can I justify any request from me for extra equipment.  That I can see is the restriction of tackle by removing it from the Belfry site, a very sorry but seemingly necessary state of affairs.

Graham Wilton-Jones

Nigel Jago

Members will be shocked by the tragic loss of Nigel Jago who was fatally injured at work on Friday 1st September 1978.  His work for the Club as Climbing secretary and climbing generally are well known to members of the club. 

Our deepest sympathies to Sue and the children.