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The views expressed by contributors to the Belfry Bulletin, including those of club officers, are not necessarily the views of the committee of the Bristol Exploration Club or the Editor, unless so stated.  The Editor cannot guarantee that the accuracy of information contained in the contributed matter, as it cannot normally be checked in the time at his disposal.

EDITOR: D.J. Irwin, Townsend Cottage, Priddy, Nr. Wells, Somerset. Tele: Priddy 369


Next month will see in the start of a new club year and of Course the AGM and Annual Dinner.  What follows is all the paperwork you will need for the EGM and AGM including the Officers Reports that have been vetted by the committee at their August meeting.

E.G.M. of B.E.C. to be held at the Belfry at 10.00 (not 10.30) a.m. on Saturday 7th October 1978. This meeting has been called by the 1977/1978 Club Committee.

1.                  Election of Chairman

2.                  Motion proposing a revised club Constitution (a draft copy was circulated with the August B.B.)


Annual General Meeting of the B.E.C. to be held at the Belfry on Saturday 7th 1978.  Time - to commence on conclusion of the E.G.M.


1.                  Election of Chairman

2.                  Election of Minutes Secretary

3.                  Collection of members resolutions

4.                  Minutes of the 1977 AGM

5.                  Matters Arising from the Minutes of the 1977 AGM

6.                  Hon. Sees Report

7.                  Hon. Treasurers Report

8.                  Auditors Report

9.                  Caving Secs Report

10.              Climbing Secs Report

11.              Tacklemasters Report

12.              Hut Wardens Report

13.              B.B. Editors Report

14.              Election of B.B. Editor

15.              Librarians Report

16.              Publication Officers Report

17.              Election of Club Trustees (dependent upon EGM)

18.              Election of Officers (dependent upon EGM)

19.              Members Resolutions

20.              A.O.B.