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The views expressed by contributors to the Belfry Bulletin, including those of club officers, are not necessarily the views of the committee of the Bristol Exploration Club or the Editor, unless so stated.  The Editor cannot guarantee that the accuracy of information contained in the contributed matter, as it cannot normally be checked in the time at his disposal.

Editor:  D.J. Irwin, Townsend Cottage, Priddy, Nr. Wells, Somerset.

Dates For Your Diary

July 7th

South Wales (OFD) – Friday niters trip.

July 21st

North Hill – Friday niters trip.

August 4th

Stoke Lane Slocker – Friday niters trip.

September 9/10th

BCRA National Caving Conference, Renold Building, Manchester.  Accommodation – Booking not later than July 14th. – charge £4 per night.  Tickets at door £1.00.  Conference Secretary D.M. Judson, Bethel Green, Calderbrook Road, Littleborough, Lancs.  Make cheques out to D.M. Judson, Conference acc.

A letter from David Metcalfe states that he would be pleased to see ant BEC members at the following meets arranged for the Northern Dales Speleological Group.

August 6th

Giants Hole, Derbyshire.

August 26th

C.P.C. Winch Meet Gaping Gill.

September 23rd

Marble Steps Pot.

October 1st

Gingling Hole, Fountains Fell.

October 29th

Notts Pot.

November 18th

Top Sink.

December 16th

Swinsto/Simpsons Exchange.

Late News And Notes

As we go to press news has been coming over the radio and making headlines in the daily press of a rescue taking place in Scotland.  Not that we wouldn’t take notice of it anyway, it was made all the more juicy in that it involved our own '"Wigmore man - Tony Jarrett (Jayrat). On a surveying trip lights failed and apparently there was a small boulder fall in the area.  Goon and helpers were flown, half way to the cave at least, by helicopter from Edinburgh to Assynt!  I wonder if Jayrat has ever read the club rules and I can't help feeling that there's going to be some heavy p ... taking when he appears back at the Belfry in the next couple of weeks …. if he has the nerve to come back

ST. CUTHBERT’S…Work has commenced again after a lapse of 8 years in sump 1 area.  Wig, Dave Turner, Brian Workman et al are digging under the roof (there’s no walls or floor!) on the left, upstream of the sump.  A nylon, 8” dia tube now carries the water through the sump and empties it into the '2' streamway about 200ft further on.  Please take care not stand on the pipe or cut it. The eventual move is to dig out the sump and investigate the bedding plane on the right of the crawl into the sump itself.