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Another year begins with the usual long committee meeting sorting out the directions of the A.G.M. The Dinner although not pleasing everybody did bring many old faces back to the fold.  Amongst those I noticed were Norman Petty, Jok and Judy, and Frank Darbon.  The pantomime was much enjoyed judging by the applause, particularly the performance of Alice.  Whilst everyone was at the Dinner the Belfry was broken into and vandalised.  I am sure many pints reward would be waiting for information leading to, as they say on the better side of the law.

The Belfry was a prominent topic at the October committee meeting much concern shown over its maintenance.  Martin Bishop plans to tackle the problem of the drains as top priority.  Other jobs include finishing the new bunks in the men’s room; waterproofing the troublesome window at the end of the men’s room and exterior painting particularly of the window sills using a wood preservative as so far paint has not successfully taken to it.  It should go without saying that much help is needed.

May I remind everyone of the Ian Dear Fund.  It is available to younger members to enable them to partake in expeditions abroad. It’s never too early to apply and all you have to do is find Mike Palmer, Sett or any committee member to make sure your application is considered.

Although the club has several leaders to D.Y.O. and O.F.D. there is always room for more.  Those interested should contact the caving sec. The Leaders system is somewhat like that for Cuthbert’s requiring the individual to acquaint him/herself with the various routes in the cave and show cave sense.

In order that the members address list can be updated please let me know of any changes.  This will ensure that your B.B. gets to the right address.  The members list appears in this issue so check your details.

Many thanks to Sett for the donation of duplicating ink and also to Jonah for a collection of BB's for the Library.  At the October meeting the Committee expressed the Clubs thanks to Brenda Wilton for the valuable service given in distributing the BB.  Mike Palmer has recently taken on this job in the new Club Year.  I am sure he would be pleased to hear from anyone with any bright ideas to improve the distribution - particularly in keeping postage costs as low as possible.

Tim Large.

Stop Press

Following the displeasure shown by many members regarding the Dinner, negotiations the Cliff Hotel have resulted in a, saving of £75 on the total bill.  What shall we do with it?  Any bright idea’s?

B.E.C. Dig - Wheal Wigmore

Even if you have only been to Mendip once in the past four months, you probably know all about Wigmore. J-Rat, Snab and many others have worked like Trojans hoping for another Tynings here (Wessex and MNRC have both tried, in pre war years) and are already deeper down than their forbears, and J-Rats Walls, with mining spoil rock gardens, vie with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

If the winch does not fall down the hole – it isn’t filled with autumn leaves, it’s bound to go. Come and have a look, or even a dig - 10p a go.  There will be an article, with survey and picture in a future B. B.

Austria 1977

A combined Grampian/B.E.C. trip is to be made to the Hollengebirge, east of Salzburg next year.  Provisional dates are 22nd July to 13th August, 1978.  Anyone interested should contact Wig or Snab.


Mendip Original Limestone Exploration Society - is an interclub organisation, whose aim is to provide transport for expeditions abroad.

Remember the green papers at the dinner.  Remember the raffle.

There is a raffle every Saturday night in the Hunters, so empty your pockets of all those silly 10p's and give them to the Moles dolly bird.  It is only £1 to join the society

Slit Sided Stals

The discovery of Roman Mine by Jill and Norman Tuck revealed a number of slit sided stals (see BEC Caving Report No. 15).  It was thought that they were unique to this mine.  On a recent trip into G.B., Wig noticed a number of similar formations in the roof.  They were about ½" long and were bell formed at the lower end.  Perhaps they are more common than previously thought.

A Severn Barrage is proposed.

A couple of years ago a serious proposal was made to HM government to construct a massive dam across the Severn estuary to provide hydro-electric power thus making use of the exceptionally high tides.  The quantity of aggregate required is enormous – about 4,000 million tonnes.  This material will be obtained from the Mendips and South Wales – both principal caving regions.  The Government is being pressurized to publish the preliminary report on the subject and alternative scheme including wave motion at Oban. The CSCC and CCC are keeping a close watch on the situation.