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- a Monthly Miscellany

compiled by Niph

OTTER HOLE is to be gated shortly.  Key and information from John Courte, Trenchard Cott., The Mire, Joyford, Nr. Coleford, Glos. Telephone: Coleford 2565. (6-7 p.m.) Surveyed length 8,000ft; total est. length 12,000ft.

You can't take them anywhere!  When Jane Wilson was window gazing in Buckfastleigh recently a local woman commented to her about JD and G.W-J "Wouldn't like to meet those two on a dark night."

TYNINGS BARROWS SWALLET.  This recently discovered cave is currently blocked 'by the' influx of more liquid mud below the 2nd. Pitch.  A further complication is that the farm has been sold.  Martin Bishop intends to visit the new owner and re-negotiate access and arrange digging parties to re-open the system.  Enthusiastic diggers urgently required – phone Martin for dates. Tel., Priddy 370.

SWILDONS HOLE. A recent trip through the Troubles by the Hon. Sec. proved wetter than usual.  Whereas the Mud Sump was virtually dry, Troubles passable without bailing, the squeeze into Doomed Grotto was nearly sumped making life very interesting.  Also the first wet dig from Glistening Gallery was a virtual sump, being a case of on your back with helmet off!

Another route from Vicarage Passage to the '2' streamway has been recently reopened by WOC. coming out into the streamway opposite the Landing.

S. Wales.  The Mendip grapevine is alive with news of a large cave system on the Aggie side of the Clydach Gorge near Brynmawr.  Opened apparently about March this year, the surveyed length is 4.75 miles, wet (floodable) entrance passage leading to a massive passage, with good formations. Reliable reports say that sections of the cave include the largest passage discovered in the UK.  More details in the December BB following a trip into it by a couple of local cavers on the 23rd. October.  Access notes will follow - at the moment as you will guess; access is very limited. Working parties only.

International Speleo. Congress - post congress caving camp.  The visit of a dozen foreign cavers to the Belfry enlisted support from many local cavers.  Included amongst them was ZOT who arrived minus gear, but in the usual Zottie manner managed to acquire a complete set of gear and accompanied our foreign friends down Cuthbert’s.  Thanks Zot, don’t let it happen too often or else you might set a bad image!  Full report will appear in the December BB.

LAMB LEER  It has recently become necessary to formulate a new agreement with Somerset County Council to secure access to this cave. Unfortunately the SCC require a large rental; initially £250 based on 500 cavers visiting the system per year at 5Op/head.  The matter was discussed by the member clubs of CSCC and they were prepared to let the cave be closed rather than pay such a large sum that would obviously set a precedent and sending caving costs sky-high.  Tim Reynolds and Oliver Lloyd met representatives of SCC and have now secured a rental of about £30 per year.  The final details of the agreement are not yet known, but it is hoped to inform members in the near future.

MIDWEEK CAVING. Many will remember the Tuesday Night Caving Group and its activities.  Tim Large regularly caves on Wednesday evenings and would like to hear from anyone interested in joining him.  Unlike the TNCG, it is hoped to visit a variety of caves, including digging at various sites.  If you are interested phone Tim (Radstock 4211) or meet at the Belfry, 7 pm.

AGGY - new survey published by BORA, 60p (available from Bryan Ellis). Surveyed length 15.5 miles and 490ft deep.  Applications for access permits and key from: P. Larbalestier, 46 Llanyravon Way, Cwymbran, Gwent. NP4 2HW.