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Election Candidates

Voting Forms will, of course, be sent to each paid up member, but making some spare space in this B.B., we are appending a list of the sixteen candidates for reference purposes. Those who are members of the present committee are printed in capital letters, and the jobs which people are currently doing are also printed.  In some past years, we have printed a short synopsis of what the various candidates have done in the past, and what their current interests are, but it has not proved possible to get round to such a long list of members and obtain a fair and balanced account of each candidate.  Hence, the short amount of information.

THE CANDIDATES  (In alphabetical order)

1.         CHRIS BATSTONE                    Present Hut Warden.

2.         Martin Bishop.

3.         PAUL CHRISTIE                        Present Assistant Sec.

4.         ALFIE COLLINS                         Present Chairman & B.B. Editor.

5.         Bob Cross.

6.         Colin Dooley.

7.         JOHN DUKES                           Present Belfry Engineer.

8.         Martin Grass.

9.         Dave Irwin                                 Present Hon. Librarian.

10.        RUSS JENKINS                         Present Climbing Sec.

11.        TIM LARGE                              Present Caving Sec.

12.        Nigel Taylor.

13.        MIKE WHEADON                      Present Hon. Sec.

14.        Maureen Wheadon.

15.        BARRIE WILTON                      Present Hon. Treasurer.

16.        GRAHAM WILTON-JONES         Present Tacklemaster & Editor, Caving Pubs.