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Once again, it is time for nominations for next years' committee. In case of any doubt, the rules are very simple.  You may nominate any club member - or as many as you like. You do not need a seconder. You DO have to ask those who you nominate if they would stand if elected. If they say not, or put in any conditions, they may not be nominated.  You do not need to nominate any members of the present committee who are automatically nominated if they agree to stand again.  As far as can be ascertained, all the present committee are, in fact, willing to stand again.

You should give or send your nomination or nominations to the Hon. Sec. and sign the paper and include your number if you know it.  You should also state that you have asked those concerned and they have said that they are willing to stand if elected.

Rumour has it that we can expect a fairly large number of starters for the committee election this year. Since we have had no election for two years now, it is an encouraging sign that so many members are taking an interest in the running of the club.

Club Officers Reports

In accordance with past practice, some of the Club Officers' reports will be found in this B.B.  The idea is, of course, to reduce the time taken at the A.G.M. by not having to read them out.  If members have questions to raise, they should make notes or bring this B. B. to the meeting.  The same applies to the minutes of the last A.G.M., which were printed in the June B.B.