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Dent de Crolles - Easter 2006

Four of the youngest members of the BEC, including two of the most recently joined members went to the Dent de Crolles for the long Easter weekend and completed the Trou Glaz to Guiers Mort traverse. ( Chris Jewell, Rich Bayfield, Rich Beer and Charlotte Harris)


So I want to go caving? Where do I start?

The BEC is a really friendly club who enjoy all forms of caving and are highly skilled at taking novices through the ropes to proficient cavers.

We could tell you a whole load of stuff but there is no substitute for just getting stuck in.

If you not in a position to rock up to the Hunters Lodge or the Belfry in Priddy to talk to one of our members you can always contact us via email. Unless we’re on some kind of underground intergalactic trip (or down the pub) we generally get back to you within a day. Often much quicker.

But…Damn! I can’t wait that long. I’m here now. I want to know. What’s it all about? Are you all mad? Well maybe…

Luckily a nice bunch of people at have created a website specifically for the impatient and inquisitive.

300 x 161

You could also slide over to and take a look. There’s heaps of impartial info there even if it is a little dated.