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Extracts from the Caving Log

General Caving

19-4-76 Ogof Hebog (Cave of the Hawk). Ian, Annie and Graham Wilton-Jones.  More thorough investigation of the site discovered over Whitsun 1974 at S.N. 752187, when a 15ft deep narrow rift was visible. Today, a large quantity of boulders was removed to reveal a cross rift, the main part being 15ft long, aligned ENE-WSW leading to a small chamber with a cobble floor.  This could repay further digging.  An intermittent stream enters above the chamber, sinking in the cobbles. A fox had made its home at the bottom and died there.    2 - 3 hours.        G. W-J

20-4-76 Hunters Hole. A.R.T. (Not S.R.T.) and self to Dear's Ideal, where the Mendip Chip, Bang and Chisel Co. applied ½lb boulder-baiter. Duly fired and out.  Missed pub at 11.45 p.m.  1½  hours. "Mr." N.

24-4-76 Singing River Mine. Rich Stevenson, Chris Batstone, Andy Sparrow, Sue Jordan, Jeff Price.  The object of this trip was to dive the sumped level at the bottom of the mine.  Rich dived into a small chamber with an airspace.  He then investigated small passage going for about 60ft. Total length of dive was 80ft.  1½ hours.        C.B.

1 -5-76 Manor Farm. Pete Eckford, Chris Batstone, Sue Jordan, Andy Sparrow, 'Quackers' and Sandra.  Trip to try and dive the sump at the bottom of N.H.A.S.A Gallery that most people think is a puddle.  After about half an hour of digging, baling and diving, Pete managed to pass the sump. He succeeded in reaching an air bell about three feet in.  The sump continues with dubious potential, and awaits either another dive or a mammoth baling session.  A good trip, though carrying bottles down Manor is NOT recommended.  4 hours. A.S.

15-5-76 Manor Farm. John Dukes, Andy Sparrow, Pete Moody, Alison Hopper and (eventually) Nigel Taylor.  Quickly down to the sump to try to bale our way into Manor Farm 11. An hour's energetic digging; baling and dam building broke the sump. 

After another half hour's work it became passable.  At this point, all the hard work being done, Nigel turned up.  Sparrow proceeded to crawl through the porridge-like mud of the sump and emerged into a bell chamber found on a previous trip.  From here, the way was by digging upwards for six feet into a tight tube going for fifteen feet.  Sparrow was attempting to pass the squeeze halfway along this to get into the large cross rift visible beyond when Dukes's grinning face appeared from the said rift.  The dig connects through an unnoticed opening in the wall of the twenty foot blind pot at the bottom of N.B.A.S.A. Gallery.  Such is life. 3½ hours.  A.S.

Walking/Climbing Log

28-12-75. Tony and Sue Tucker, John Dukes and Mutley.  From the Belfry across to Plantation Swallet where Walt-baiting took place.  Across the mineries up North Hill to Priddy TEN Barrows, where now resides the Wessex wheelbarrow, recently liberated.  Then down to Swildons where we met Chris Batstone and Barney as they emerged with the Belfry Avenue sign.  Finally, back to the Belfry.  A working trip.  A.T.