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Mik’s Peregrinations

January was to be the month when I started the first of a series of nonsense articles or jottings of some of the things observed during my wanderings over (and on occasion, under) the Mendip scene.  However, it was not to be!  I'm sure that it did not pass your notice that the Christmas B.B. was a trifle delayed - due to the non-availability of an up-to-date membership list, and this in turn delayed the January issue and hence this article.  Being a fan of a monthly B.B., I pursued this matter and was told (by a source close to the editor) that we will still get twelve issues this year.

Anyway, having started to talk about January, I'd better briefly mention the social scene - the first being the Setterington welcome to the New Year, followed later in the month by the Collins's ditto.  Meanwhile, one of the other clubs was holding a sort of lynching party for one of their deviant members whose crime was to spend the Christmas enjoying himself (he thinks) with friends from the B.E.C.  I understand they relented in the end and have not revoked his, or any other of the joint members membership.

The Morris Dancing (or climbing) section of the club made a visit to N. Wales which was a great success except that some rotten ------- seems to have stolen the route round the 'shoe' thus causing the party to walk miles further than necessary.  Anyone re-discovering this route please report to the Climbing Secretary.

On the subject of secretaries - amazingly devious mind, this bloke has - someone has sent me a cutting from a local paper which demonstrates the remarkable erudition of our club nowadays, and in particular the Caving Sec.  Mr. Andrew Nichols acting in his capacity as Bath City Corporation Assistant Solicitor (Mr. YY has found two rusty drawing pins in his sausages) "Mr. Nichols said that Mr. YY was not hurt, but it was a very unpleasant experience.  You may well consider he was lucky not to have swallowed them."

A while ago at the Belfry, the S.R.T. enthusiasts were observed measuring and chopping into reasonable lengths a bundle of Super Braidline Nylon rope which they had bulk purchased.  No doubt we shall hear more of the doings and success (or failure) of these enthusiasts at a later date.

There is one of the usual lulls on reports of caving activities at the moment, unless you count all the secret digging being carried out at places like Windsor Hill.  A few snippets just in case 'Wig' misses them: -

Royston Bennett's Chepstow dig seems to have been a success.  It is even got a sump that can only be passed by consultation with a set of tide tables.  Although we don't see too much of Roy on Mendip at the moment I trust he will continue doing these good things to the normal excess.

Cuckoo Cleeves is a small cave you might remember only for its shuttering. However, it's getting larger, thanks to the Wessex, and now boasts a terminal (?) boulder ruckle which might appeal to those masochists who appreciated the stability of Tankard’s Hole.

On Eastern Mendip, the quarrymen continue to aid caving, albeit with less enthusiasm than in the past and only recently one Sunday morning they could be observed escorting cavers across the quarry floor in the direction of Withyhill. It seems access is getting no easier despite the close relationship of Cerberus to the quarry management.  Any cavers should be careful not to offend when visiting this area.

On a lighter note, the Belfry after hours has been getting quite riotous lately, as emphasised by Colin Dooley and John Hookings demonstrating the old Irish wrestling - a vicious pastime not to be taken lightly.  Then there was Butch celebrating both his membership and his birthday with a barrel.  His birthday presents included a personal copy of the Sex Maniac's Diary and a pretty string vest type cover for his 'sock'.  Then there was Steven's adoption as Belfry Boy - a decision I'm sure he will rue when he learns fully the duties that go with the job.

That's all for this month. Maybe next month there will be something interesting - you never know.