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Voting Procedures

At the last A.G.M., the Committee was asked to look at voting procedures.  Here is the report of the Sub-Committee on the subject

The Sub-Committee, consisting of Mike Palmer (Chairman) Alan Thomas and Barry Wilton, met on the 4th of Feb.


Resulting from several proposals presented at the A.G.M., the meeting directed that the Committee examine the voting procedure with a view to ensuring that the ballot is secret.


A sub-committee was formed from members of the club who answered a call for volunteers in the B.B. Only one letter was received in response to an appeal for member¬ís views.  Other people questioned by members of the sub Committee did not have any particular views on the matter.

This being so, it was generally agreed to review the voting procedure within the terms of reference of the club constitution and the A.G.M. directive and to keep recommendations within those limits.


It was agreed that the voting procedure is not carried out strictly in accordance with the club constitution that this could easily be rectified by producing a properly designed Ballot Form and a voting procedure which should be reproduced in the B.B. each year before the election time for the benefit of all members.

Barry Wilton agreed to design a proper Ballot Form which would contain all the relevant information and by its design ensure the required secrecy.  A copy of this form was attached to the original report and is not reproduced in this B.B. because it is self-explanatory. Its important features are;-

  1. The Words  'BALLOT FORM'
  2. A place for name and membership number.
  3. A tear-off strip ensuring secrecy of ballot.

The following was agreed:-

(a)                Ballot forms will only be sent out to fully paid-up members at the latest date for posting stipulated by the constitution.

(b)                Forms can be returned by post or handed in at the A.G.M.

(c)                No further forms will be available at the A.G.M.

(d)                The Tellers can still check the names against a list of paid-up members at the A.G.M. if necessary.

(e)                The tear-off strip shall be removed by the tellers before opening the ballot forms to count the vote. 

(f)                  Regarding (c) a notice is to be placed in the B.B. saying that if no ballot form has been received by two weeks before the A.G.M., the Secretary is to be contacted requesting a form.

(g)                The Chairman of the A.G.M. should direct the tellers to destroy the Ballot Forms and strips with the approval of the meeting.

(h)                At the start of any A.G.M., the Chairman should ask any non-members or non paid-up members to identify themselves so that they can be excluded from any voting.

Note that the foregoing does not require any alteration to the Club Constitution if adopted in toto or in part.  In the main, it is only an amplification of the procedure already formulated in the Constitution.

(Signed) Michael A. Palmer.

The General Committee of the B.E.C. have adopted this report, which therefore becomes the club's official procedure.

(Signed) S.J. Collins.