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Open Letter To the Club

Member’s are encouraged to write to the B.B. on any topic connected with the club.  This letter raises a point which members may wish to develop further.

During the entertainment after the Annual Dinner, I was buttonholed by an attractive young lady in the Grotto Bar.  I was a disappointment to hear that she only wanted to talk politics.  Her complaint was twofold.  “Not only”, she said, "was the committee rather out of touch with the members of the club, but many members of the club were afraid to approach the committee with complaints or suggestions."

It is my belief that the committee are in touch and will do their best to right a wrong or take any other action PROVIDED THAT THEY KNOW ABOUT IT.  In my job as Quality Manager, I am probably better aware than many that in the hard world of business, a dissatisfied customer is a major problem which has to be corrected immediately.

If you feel that you have any complaint or constructive suggestion which could start an action leading to the advancement of the club, TELL THE COMMITTEE.  You can write or contact one of the members of the COMMITTEE or speak at a committee meeting.  If you are too shy (young, new, distant) to try any of these but are willing to talk to me I will discuss your suggestion with you and guarantee to support your case and put it to the committee.  I further guarantee that you will get action or a reasoned answer why not.

To sum up, it worries me that members could even think that the committee is unapproachable, and you can't really expect to get action to cure a fault until that fault is known.

If you have managed to read this so far, you may think "It's only that B. old fool Sett shouting his mouth off:!", but let me reassure you by saying that I have shown this letter to Dan Hassell, Nigel Taylor, Sue Gazzard, Dick Chandler and Sid Hobbs and they all agree with its sentiments and are prepared to act the same way as a sort of ombudsman if required.

R.A. Setterington (“Sett”)

Editor’s Note:    Well, there you are the.  It would seem difficult to imagine anyone who could still feel that his views are not getting over after this offer!

Dates for your Diary


Friday, November 3rd.

Friday Night Club.  Priddy Green Sink and clean up afterwards in Swildons.

Saturday, November 5th.

Sunday Digging Team.  St. Cuthbert’s.  Gour Rift and completion of survey of Cuthbert’s II.  9 am at Belfry.

Saturday, November 11th.

Sunday Digging Team.  Foxes Hole, surveying.  Meet at Belfry 10 am.

Saturday, November 11th.

Club activity.  Log collection for winter fuel supply from forestry.

Saturday, November 11th.

Talk on home made wine making by Sett.  Theory plus brief question and answer session plus some wine tasting.  Winemakers pleas bring samples.  Everyone bring a glass.  7 pm at the Belfry.

Sunday November 12th.

Sunday Digging Team.  St. Cuthbert’s.  Taping and transferring maypole to High Chamber.  Belfry at 9 am.

Saturday, November 18th.

Sunday Digging Team.  Burrington. Surveying small caves.  Belfry at 10 am.

Saturday, November 18th.

Friday Night Club.  South Wales. Meet 9.30 am at Penwyllt.

Sunday November 19th

Sunday Digging Team.  St. Cuthbert’s.  Gour Rift Dig.  Belfry at 9 am.

Sunday November 19th

CUTHBERT’S LEADER’S MEETING 2.30 pm at the Belfry.

Saturday, November 25th.

Cuthbert’s Practice Rescue.  10.30 am at the Belfry.

Sunday, November 26th.

Club Meet.  Coral Cave. Belfry at 10.30 am.

Sunday, November 26th 

Sunday Digging Team.  Coral Cave Surveying.  Belfry at 10 am.


Friday, December 1st.

Friday Night Club.  East Twin Valley with wet suits.

Sunday, December 3rd.

Sunday Digging Team.  St. Cuthbert’s.  Gour Surveying in High Chamber.  Meet at Belfry 10 am.

Saturday, December 9th.

Sunday Digging Team.  St. Cuthbert’s Maypoling in September Chamber.    Meet at Belfry 10 am.

Sunday, December 10th.

Sunday Digging Team.  St. Cuthbert’s.  September Chamber or Gour Rift Dig.    Meet at Belfry 9 am.

Friday, December 15th.

Friday Night Club.   G.B. Permits essential.

Saturday December 16th.


Sunday, December 17th.

Sunday Digging Team.  St. Cuthbert’s.  Gour Rift Dig. Belfry 9 am.

Saturday, December 30th

Friday Night Club.  Singing River Mine.  3 pm.


Saturday, January 13th.

Club Trip.  Banwell Caves.  Meet at Belfry 10.30 am.  See Tim Large for further details.