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August Committee Meeting

At the July meeting of the Committee, some of the later stages of the Belfry fitting out were still on the agenda.  A few items are still needed as gifts from members.

The treasurer reported that matters were now sufficiently in hand for the financing of the Belfry, that he was stopping his monthly report to the Committee.  The arrangements for the dinner were put in hand, and a scheme for the car park was suggested.  Methods of producing the new constitution were being looked into and other matters dealt with included the provision of space at the Belfry for M.R.O. gear and the progress of the B.E.C., exhibition at the Bristol Museum.

Tackle Masters Report

During the past year, we have lost or mislaid four ladders.  Two of these are twenty feet standard type ladders; one is a ten feet standard ladder and the fourth is one of the ultra weight ladders.

The total tackle at present is as follows: -

16 standard twenty foot ladders.
6 lightweight twenty foot ladders.
1 standard ten foot ladder.
11 ultra weight twenty foot ladders.
4 lightweight fifty foot ladders.
7 karabiners.
1600 feet of lifelines.
20 tethers of assorted lengths.