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Monthly Notes No.28

by ‘Wig’

Cuthbert’s Leader –  John Riley is the latest member to become a Cuthbert’s leader.  On his final trip he was leading the writer around the Coral Series when he almost met his match in the Coral Squeeze.  After many ‘blue’ words and one hell of a lot of thrutching he managed to get through throwing the challenge to the writer to get through more quickly.   When the writer shot up the only thing that could be heard through the clouds of steam was ‘Christ! You’re through’ – in a very broad Yorkshire dialect!  I could only add that this waffle is only to allow ‘Doodles’ a chance to produce another of his cartoons below.


‘Aye oop lad, appen we’ll get through t’squeeze yet!

TWIN TITTY  After the collapse of the first 2ft. deep shaft, Mike Thompson and Co. have tackled the ‘bull by the horns’.  With the help of Luke Devenish they have blasted a 5ft. square, 20ft. deep shaft adjacent to the old one which is now filled in.  All this was done over two weekends.  It would seem that they are determined to find Mendip’s largest system yet.

Dave Searle came up with another reference to Wookey Hole the other day.  It is from the Somerset Medley for January.  Friday January 29th 1731.

“Mendip Hills were hereto found rich in lead but now in Lapis Calaminaris, and for a large Cave, call’d Ockie Hole, which contains in it Petrifying Water.

LAMP SPARES  In the very near future Dave Irwin will be restocking the spares box with the usual assortment of carbide lamp spares together with a selected assortment of nife and Edison spares.

Jok Orr has kindly donated several plastic helmets to the club.  These are on sale to members; prices Texolex 12/6 and plastic 10/- each. None have lamps brackets but are fitted with adjustable inners.  The proceeds will be given to the Hut Fund.

SWILDONS HOLE: Readers will remember that the ‘Great Flood’ of 1968 cleared out the Water Rift allowing the caver to follow a much lower path (B.B. No.244) at the end of which is a 6ft. climb to the bottom of the old 40’ pitch.  The climb is easy and only under heavy water conditions would a rope be needed to assist one back up the climb.  During the middle of August a chain suddenly appeared!  During the Autumn Bank Holiday this chain was removed (Biddle was in Edinburgh) by persons unknown.  It has been rumoured that Tony Oldham was responsible for its installation and that Dr. G.K. Crummock of the Mendip Karst Police entered the cave at some ungodly hour to remove it! – I wonder!

A new key has been put onto the Cuthbert’s lock.  Members with Cuthbert’s keys should contact Phil Townsend to exchange their old one.