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Monthly Notes No.26

By ‘Wig’

Members will have noticed the work programme in the June issue of the BB – I hope that this will encourage more members ‘on the Hill’ to give a hand.  There are several sites being worked – all show real signs of going quickly.  Last year work in East Twin resulted in a new survey and an interesting new digging site. For a short spell this dig was pushed with Keith Franklin, Dave Irwin and John Riley – though extremely awkward and muddy it revealed the top of an arch into which the stream is flowing. Left for the winter, and other work in St. Cuthbert’s, the increased size of the winter stream did a lot of work for us.  A rift was opened up to a depth of 40ft. and is reported to be still going.  If this depth is correct then it now forms the lowest part of East Twin.  ‘Wig’, Norman Petty and John Riley will be working the site early in August.  The results will appear in the next issue of the B.B.

Another point of interest is in the Rabbit Warren Extension (St. Cuthbert’s).  Dave Turner, gathering material for the Cuthbert’s Report, entered a passage where the sound of a ‘large’ stream could be heard.  This is of considerable interest because if this IS a large stream then there is a very good chance of getting into the upstream reaches of the Plantation Stream.  The other point of interest lies at the top of Cerberus Rift.  A tight high level passage, discovered just after the Spring Holiday, needs chipping open.  A three foot high passage leads on up dip.  Again details of any further discoveries will appear in the B.B.

Weather Reports In Yorkshire

Arrangements have been made by the C.N.C.C. to have local weather reports on display at the following points (weekends only):

1.                  Front door of the Spindle Tree Café, Clapham….5.00pm.

2.                  Interior of National Park Information Centre, Clapham.  Whenever centre is open.

3.                  Penyhghent Café, Horton-in-Ribblesdale…5.15pm.

4.                  Notice board at the Police Station, Ingleton, early evenings (time uncertain as station not continually manned).

By telephone:

1.                  Penyhghent Café, Horton-in-Ribblesdale (tel. Horton-in-Ribblesdale 257)…5.15pm.

2.                  +National Park Information Centre (Clapham 419) 11.00am (until 4.30pm Saturdays and Sundays)


3.                  Settle Police Station (Settle 2542)..5.30pm

4.                  +Head Warden, Yorkshire Dales National Park (FRIDAY EVENINGS ONLY – if not otherwise on duty) (Airton 256) ..6.30pm to 10.00pm.

+          Although only available at limited times, the National Park Information Service will endeavour to provide information on current weather conditions in addition to reading the forecast.  Please ask for any information you feel would be of help.  (Reprinted from N.C.C. Newsletter No.31 (June 1969).

New Lifelines

The committee have authorised then purchase of 600ft. of full weight nylon to be cut to various lengths.

Members are reminded that all tackle must be returned to the store where necessary, folded coiled and washed.  An unknown borrower recently returned ladder L14 in such a state that he left it in the changing room for John Riley and ‘Wig’ to discover.  The ladder is NO LONGER IN A USEABLE CONDITION.  Several of the wires have broken rendering the cable unsafe to a point that anyone attempted to climb they wouldn’t reach the top. The Committee take very dim view of the attitude of some members with respect to tackle and they warn that if any member is found misusing tackle they will take action that will be most unpleasant for him.

C.R.G. Foreign Language Library

C.R.G. Newsletter Nos. 115 and 116 contain lists of part of their Foreign section of the C.R.G. Library. Publications mentioned cover caves and caving in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy.  The list is to be continued in future newsletters.  (In B.E.C. Library).

Charterhouse Caving Committee

Hon. Sec.’s address:

A.J. Knibbs, 2 Rectory Lane, Byefleet, Surrey.

New G.B. Survey

published by U.B.S.S. Price 4/-  (In B.E.C. Library).

A revised plan survey of G.B. was released with their Jubilee Issue of Proceedings.  This survey is now available separately from Bryan Ellis, Knockauns, Combwich, Bridgwater, Som.

It is a great pity that the U.B.S.S. cannot produce a completed survey of the system showing elevations and sections.  The relationship of one passage to another could be of real interest to the caver; or is it perhaps that the U.B.S.S. do not want this information available generally?

The plan shows all the new extensions and all known passages.

HUT WARDEN CHANGES:  Recently Bob Cross was appointed Assistant Hut Warden but his move to Southampton has made this task rather difficult to carry out. In his place the Committee have appointed Chris (Zot) Harvey, Jock Orr, Martin Webster and Dick Wickens – all Assistant hut Wardens until the A.G.M. when the position of Hut wardens can be discussed in detail.


                                                THE B.E.C. GET EVERWHERE---

Recently a party was held in George Pointing’s caravan, now installed on the W++e+ site at Upper Pitts, including ‘Alfie’, Phil Davies, George (of course), Dave Berry, Sally xxx (oops – Ed) Merrett among others.  As the party didn’t break up until early morning most were not in a fit state to get home an so unknown to ‘Chairman’ Hanwell, Upper Pitts was declared open and the party continued inside the ‘Gin Palace’.  So, the B.E.C. have been there first and to prove it they have left their beer stains.