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Hon. Sec: A.R. Thomas, Westhaven School, Uphill, Weston s Mare, Somerset.
Hut Warden: P.Townsend, 154 Syvlia Avenue, Bristol 3.
EDITOR:  D.J. Irwin. 23 Camden Road, Bristol 3.

Have you paid you sub? If not the B.B. mailing list gets ‘slashed’ next month – so get your sub in to Bob NOW.


 “He’s not been the same since he read the note in the B.B. about the club that has both a Tackle Master and Tackle Mistress.”


Belfry Working Weekend

A working weekend has been arranged for the 10/11 May – will members prepared to help contact the Hut Engineer:  John Riley.

A series of thefts have taken place from several club huts here on Mendip recently including the Belfry. Will all members using the Belfry, help to prevent temptation, ensure that the hut is always locked when no one is left there and that all the club tackle is locked away in the store.