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With Alan Thomas

When Gaff Fowler returns to this country in the Spring he is going to lend the Club his earth resistivity meter so that we can discover caves without going underground!  He is also going to write an article for the B.B. on the construction and use of the formation given in the dowsing map (see page 18, Ed) that Digger Harris produced at the Club Dinner.  Let us know of any good sites you may think of for the instrument.

Norman Petty and helpers have planted a hundred Norway spruce trees on the Belfry site.  They will need to be kept free of grass in the Spring until they are big enough to fend for themselves.

To Bob and Lynne White, a son, Mark Raymond, 6lb 14½ oz., born 20 December 1968.

The A.G.M. of the Southern Council was held in the Geography lecture theatre.  The B.E.C. was represented by Gordon Tilly and myself. An account of the meeting by Gordon is to be found elsewhere.  It struck me a ominous that stringent qualifications were being laid down for professional caving instructors, irrespective of the caves into which they take parties.  I fear that if an accident occurs involving an amateur caving instructor he may be expected to measure up to the same standards.  Very few people are good general cavers – they either don’t like water or ladders or squeezes or something.  The standards for professional caving instructors could be very dangerous document in the hands of a coroner.

I have heard from Austria that the Authority for the Protection of Architectural and natural Monuments (particularly Dr. H. Trimmel) wants to visit the Ahnenschacht this Summer. The Research Group of Upper Austria express thanks for what we did in the Ahnenschacht in 1968.  All the Austrian cavers that some members met on the International Raucherkar Expedition in 1966 wish to be remembered to them.

You can find out about the next attempt on St. Cuthbert’s sump in the March B.B., but can anyone put us in touch with a manual pump capable of shifting about a hundred gallons a minute, either to borrow, hire or buy cheap, that is unless anyone wants to give us one?  Remember the entrance rift is only 9” wide, to the pump may have to be stripped down.

If you go in the Hunters often enough and for long enough you stand a very good chance of meeting everybody you have ever met in there before.  Ben told me Gerald Platten was there about a month ago and one evening this month (January) who should come in but Max Unwin on a brief visit to this country. Not only was he surprised to see the alterations to the bar but he war surprised to see electric light!  Among people he wished to be remembered to were Dan, Sybil, Harry Stanbury and Tommy Thomas.  We had a very interesting chat about some of his old digs such as (dare I say it front of P.C.)  Emborough and Thrupe.  He also drew me a sketch showing the locations of one or two other digs he recommended on Eastern Mendip.

Don’t forget the C.R.G. Southern Meeting on April 19th.  It is to be held at the Swan Hotel, Wells and the B.E.C. is acting as the C.R.G.’s host. There will be an evening meeting followed by Dinner at the Hotel.  We also hope to arrange a number of caving trips on the Sunday and it would help in this connection if as many Cuthbert’s leaders as possible could make themselves available and let Andy know.  We are running a public exhibition in Wells Museum from 12th to 26th April; some offers of help have already been forthcoming but more can also be used.

Need I remind members of Kay Mansfield’s letter that appeared in the January B.B.  It really does need your help and if you feel that this is what you would like to do – then contact Kay, or Ray, ‘Tiny Kott’ Little London, Oakhill, Bath, Somerset., OR attend a meeting in Phil Romford’s caravan at the Regent Garage, Townsend, Priddy on Saturday 8th march 1969 at 6.30pm.

Does anybody know the present address of Tom and Rusty Neil, George Honey or John Bulger?  Please, if you change your address send your new onto me.

We don’t want to be caught on the hop of and when the new postal codes become compulsory so I have started adding them to my copy of the address list.  It would be just as well if members started telling me their postal codes when they know them.

The U.B.S.S. has been having difficulty with the G.B. LOCKING SYSTEM.  Recently the cave has twice been left open.  On the first occasion a set of keys was stolen, involving the U.B.S.S. in expenditure of £12 and on the second occasion when the cave was left open for a fortnight they could have incurred legal proceedings by Bristol Water Works.  NO MEMBER OF THE B.E.C. SHOULD OBTAIN THE KEYS OF G.B. UNLESS HE IS FAMILIAR WITH THE RULES AND INTENDS TO OBEY THEM.  In future anyone who applies to Phil Townsend for a permit will be given a copy of the rules.  Anyone else wanting a copy of the rules can obtain one for me.