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51Q 376674.73m E 1966124.98 m N

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From the Blue Water sitio the entrance to the cave is signposted.  

Entrance Description

The river flows out the large entrance into a sizeable pool.  Access is via the right hand side and then climbing up a couple of meters to the stream floor.  The area is now popular with tourists who pay a modest fee to visit the site.


Blue Water Cave is a major river cave which drains the mountain


There are a number of pitches in Blue Water and it is possible to go up the first two with the aid of a competent climber.

Pitch 1 - 13m (20m rope)
Pitch 2 -  8.5m (15m rope)

The other pitches have to be approached and rigged from the top

Pitch 3 - 13m (25m rope)
Helicopter Hole - Approximately 100m.  Realistically you need a 100m rope for the main hang and a 20 for the approach sections.

There are also a couple of awkard sections where a long sling is usefull.


There are significant opportunities to extend the cave by linking in numerous fossile and active side passages



The cave was first explored by Francisco "Ancis" Battung of the Sierra Madre Outdoor Club with his wife's cousin, Nardo Dela Cruz, the very first settler in Blue Water Sitio.  Later during the late 80’s / early 90’s while overseeing logging activities in the area Olympio Muñoz passed on details to the caving community.  During the Speleo Philippines 1995 expedition it was bought to Henry Bennett and Rich Blakes attention but back then it was considered extremely difficult to get to.  The only access was via an old abandoned logging track with no public transport.  This was years before the internet, Google Earth and easy access to good maps.

By 2005 the cave was becoming well known and during the Philippine Speleological Society Inc (PSSI) 5th Annual Congress held in Duba (17.835274° 121.931650°) the cave was visited as day excusion.  Prior to the Congress in January 2004 members of Gaia Exploration Club with support from Sierra Madre Outdoor Club and Sang-at Sang Outdoor Clob mapped the entrance series for 500m which was drawn up by G-third Atanque.  After the Congress the Bristol Exploration Club visited the cave for a number of days but where thwarted from extensive caving by the PNP and succumbed to the alternatives of Ginebra and Tanduay.  None the less a pitch was climbed and a way on established.

No serious exploration of the cave took place between then and a further BEC trip in 2014 when a team of 7 explored and mapped 2km of the cave.  The team was stopped at a third pitch but the passage continued large at 10m wide and 50m high.

Ancis and SMOC has continued to be instrumental in the exploration of the cave and has been a driving force behind working with then Vice Mayor Leonardo Pattung to get the cave surveyed.


Bluewater Resurgence – 20/04, Lucy Greenwood, Stu Gardiner, Laura Benn, Olly Legg

Revisited cave pushed in 2014. Caved until beyond first pitch, continued upstream some way. Some unsurveyed passage found in higher level route beyond gour pools and cave pearls, continues some way into muddy passage. No survey equipment so will need revisiting. Photos taken in many locations of aesthetic note along the way.