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Recent Committee Business


Further to discussions at the AGM and at recent Committee meetings I would like to remind all members that no club ladders are to be used without a lifeline.

BEC Membership

Renewal Forms have been either sent by post and/or e-mailed to all members.  As with previous years if you want to take advantage of the discounted renewal rate of £30 single/£44 joint membership excluding public liability insurance cover (see next item!) please let me have your money by 30th November 2004. After this date the membership fees will be £35 single/£49 joint membership excluding public liability insurance.

“Public Liability Cover”

Please can all members requiring “Public Liability Cover” for Caving under The BEC’s Insurance please notify me by the 15th December 2004 in order that we may furbish The BCRA with a list of all members requiring cover.  As with last year, an additional premium will be payable - to be notified.

Next year the renewal form will be altered to include a space for this information!

Sybil Bowden-Lyle(145)

Sadly Sybil Bowden-Lyle passed away on the 25th October 2004.  A memorial service was held in Calne on the 6th November 2004 at which the club was represented by Sett.

Eric Towler

Of interest to older members we have been informed of the death recently of Eric Fowler.


Thank you to Life Members Mike Baker (392) and Ken Dobbs (164) for their donation towards BB distribution and as always Dizzie Tompsett-Clarke (74) for her ever useful donations of stamps!

Annie Audsley(1266)

Annie is at present in Poland teaching English.  She can be contacted via her e-mail which is in the printed BB.

Matt Tuck

No longer a member but for those of you who want to stay in touch Matt is now in Canada and his address is in the printed BB.

Members Hut Keys

All members are entitled to a key to The Belfry these are available on payment of a £10 deposit from Vince Simmonds (Secretary) 

Club Members Websites

I have now uploaded my new website.  It contains lots of photos and reports from various caving expeditions and trips as well as photos of the various other activities I get up to.

The address is

If there are any other club members with personal websites who would like the rest of the club to know about it please contact me.