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Committee Members

Secretary:                       Vince Simmonds
Treasurers:                     Mike and Hilary Wilson
Membership Secretary:    Sean Howe
Editor:                            Greg Brock
Caving Secretary:            John Williams
Tackle Master:                Tyrone Bevan
Hut Warden:                   Roger Haskett
Hut Engineer:                  John Walsh
BEC Web Page Editor:    Estelle Sandford
Librarian:                        Graham Johnson
Hut Bookings:                 Fiona Sandford
Floating Member:            Bob Smith


Welcome to the AGM edition of your Belfry Bulletin.  Within this BB you will find the committee member’s reports for the outgoing club year – I wish to thank all the committee member’s for their time and effort in getting me these reports as quickly as possible so as they could be published in this BB.  The vast number and quality of the reports within this BB demonstrates just how hard and determined the outgoing committee have been – for which we are all extremely grateful.

As you will have noticed the time between the publication of the last BB (Nr 519) and the publication of this BB is very short.  The reason for this is at the 2003 AGM the committee said that a BB would be published prior to the AGM and would contain the Committee Members Annual reports so as they could be read prior to the meeting.  The previous BB (Nr 519) could not wait any longer as we had lots of articles that were waiting to go to print.  Therefore, in order to meet the print deadlines we had to compile, edit, proof-read and print this BB (Nr 520) as quickly as possible so as you could have it before the AGM in October.

I’m sure a number of BEC members have been to nice exotic locations throughout the summer months. I therefore look forward to producing the next BB which will hopefully contain a number of articles, photos and surveys about overseas expeditions.

Recent Committee Business

I have included this section so as to keep the BEC membership updated with what the committee have been up to in the recent months:

  • Concrete will be ordered for the new extension – This will fulfil our planning obligations.  Many thanks to everyone who has helped out on this project through resources, time, materials etc.
  • A “mail shot” to all members has been sent re “Nominations for Committee” & Outstanding Caving Insurance Premiums.
  • A new flue pipe for the Belfry Stove is needed and also a new electric/gas heater for the kitchen.  These are currently being sourced for as cheaply (Free??) as possible.
  • Two BEC members, Nick Richards & Nick Harding, approached the committee regarding a request by Loxton Parish Council in respect of a Leadership System for Loxton Cave because of its Historical importance.  It was agreed that a system would be set up whereby each of the major Mendip clubs could have a leader.  In the short term the two Nicks would act as interim leaders.  A secure gate to include access for Bats would be arranged along with the leader system.
  • Mendip District Council will be putting a “Step Through” on each of the styles either side of Walts Track.  Also a Timber Crossing & Handrail would be built across the Gulley on the path up to The Mineries Pond.  This is following persistent complaints from Dog Walkers.