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Photos are still required for the photo board at the Belfry and also the Belfry Bulletin.  Slides or prints or pre-scanned files are all more than welcome.  I will return any slides or prints that are sent to me once copies have been made or they have been scanned in - Ed.

BEC Website

Is accessible at the following URL

If you try to access it from links from other Websites, you will probably still get the old WebPage. It takes a little while to get other sites to change their links for new addresses.

49ers Party

For those of you who are not aware, there are quite a number of BEC members and other regulars from the hill who were born in 1949 and are therefore 49 this year.  They have decided to celebrate in style Midsummer's night (20th June) with a mass party at the Village Hall in Priddy.  Tickets are available from Tony at Bat Products and Quackers in the Hunters Lodge.  Here is a list of some of the known 4gers: - (apologies to any I have missed (or added!) - list was compiled in the pub!!!)

Mike 'Quackers' Duck, Tony Jarratt, Phil Hendy, Martin Bishop, Pam Watson, Pete Moody, Tim Large, John Dukes, Pete Slater, Wayne Hiscock and also Tricia Walker who sadly died recently.

Committee Members on the move

Nigel Taylor will be moving to Cheddar, Somerset in mid June (-ish).  The telephone number is unknown at present, but will be advised soon.  If you need to contact then the phone number will be listed under Mendip Demrock at directory enquiries.

Nick Mitchell has moved to Priddy, Somerset.  He can be contacted on his mobile.

Sea Diving and Fishing

There are a few of us regularly going to the seaside at weekends to go diving.  There are also plans afoot for a couple of weekends in Cornwall, one in July/early August and the other late August/early September. If you are interested in coming along either on the weekend stuff or the weekends away, please contact either the Estelle or Quackers.

Note also that sometime in July/Aug there will be a fishing/diving/walking weekend at Prawle point, contact Robin Gray for more information on that one.

Burrington Cave Atlas - Estelle

For those of you who are not aware I am updating and revamping the Burrington Cave Atlas. This was originally released as a BEC caving report in 1973, and has been sold out for quite some time.  All profits from the updated report will go into BEC funds, mostly for the library.  Obviously there have been quite a few changes in Burrington Coombe area since 1973, so I am hoping that some of the membership of the club would be prepared to help me in getting some of the information updated.  I am planning a Burrington Atlas working day Sunday 19th July. There is plenty of work to be done, not all caving, so feel free to bring noncaving partners and make it a day out.

If anyone can help me with information or photographs from the Burrington area I would be very grateful. I would like to use different photos from the original, and also will be looking for a good quality cover photo, painting or drawing.  Jobs to be done include:

  • Surveying of several extensions.
  • Checking locations (NGR) and descriptions of cave entrances match the references from 1973.
  • Photography, both inside and out of the caves.

If you can help me out on the 19th July or at any other time, or have information or photos that I can use, please contact me at the address and phone numbers (or e-mail) in the front of the BB - Ed.

Another Question from Blitz

Does anyone know how many Bertie Bats have we had over the years? e.g. on headed notepaper and on the BB etc?  Contact Blitz at the Treasurers address if you can help him.  (If someone can give me/Blitz copies of as many of them as possible, I'll publish them in a future BB Ed.)

Speleoscene No.33

This is available from caving shops and is free, but how about a donation to the local Cave Rescue Service.

Included in this issue is an incident report for last year from the British Cave Rescue Council. Mendip had a quiet year with only 6 underground incidents, of which all were rescued with no serious injuries. There is also information on the Cavers Fair to be held at Priddy on 3-5 July, 1998.  Life-lining systems are studied and the general results are listed in a table of what is kit is recommended in varying situations.

BCRA Meeting

Regional One-day meeting to be held in Priddy Village Hall at 9:30am on 21/11/98.  Topics include in depth lectures on Swildons and St. Cuthbert's Swallet.  Details to be arranged.

The Cavers Fair is Coming!

The weekend 314/5th July sees the Cavers Fair being held for the first time in Priddy.  Organised jointly between the NCA Training Committee and CSCC this event is all about getting underground, learning something new, and having a wild time!  You can book a weekend ticket in advance for only ¬£12.00.

For more information on what is going on, see the plan of events later in the BB.


The Mud Sump drain hole was attacked again recently but remains pretty well blocked.  There was a small airspace recently but bailing is still difficult from either side, and parties completing a reverse Round Trip or Priddy Green Sink through trip may find exit this way impossible.

It has been free-dived by groups attempting reverse-round trips but this is VERY DANGEROUS as the sump can be up to 10 metres long.

Mendip Technical Group

A meeting was held at the Hunters Lodge on Saturday 31st January 1998 to try and hammer out a bolting policy for Mendip.  General conclusions were that re-bolting with resin anchors will generally only be carried out when existing anchors are no longer safe - i.e. no program of systematic bolt replacement although Rhino Rift is an exception as CCC have already approved a complete re-bolt.  The technical group will not have an independent identity (not another caving committee) but will be a loose association of cavers prepared to get involved. Further details from Andy Sparrow.

BEC Library

There has been a disappointing response to the request for donations to help out with new cabinets for the library.  If anyone wishes to donate contact Alex Gee, but it is looking as though we will be needing to look into alternative methods of raising funds for the library. Another stomp maybe, or has anyone got any other ideas???

Caving Trips

Check out the rolling calendar on the back of the BB - Andy has listed some dates for caving trips, mainly on Mendip.  Please contact him if you wish to go on any of the trips.  Hopefully we can encourage new members to get a bit more involved.

Working Weekend

The recent working weekend saw the same old faces who turn up to most working weekends.  Lots was achieved, including replacement outside door on the bunkroom, work on the kitchen, painting and a general clean up inside and out.  Thanks to Roz and Becky for organising the BBQ.  Next working weekend will be 21st/22nd August, it would be nice to see a few fresh faces there!!!

Club Rescue Practice

Saturday 13th June Tyning’s Barrow Swallet. Meet at the Belfry at 10.00 am. Contact Andy Sparrow, Club rescue team leader for further details.