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Wookey Hole,

To my fellow BEC members

Following the publication of my letter in NovemberÂ’s issue of the Belfry bulletin, I was informed by the committee that Andy and Nigel felt hurt by some of my comments, and that some of the committee felt my remarks could be misinterpreted by non-members to the detriment of the club's image.

So in the cause of preventing any possible misinterpretation of my remarks, and to repair the hurt to Andy's and Nigel's feelings, I have agreed to clarify and retract some of my comments as detailed below.

With regard to my comments on the post of Club Rescue Team Leader, Andy and myself have discussed this and he has told me that he felt I was inferring that I was unwilling to work with him in the post and questioning his competence as a caver.

I wish to make it clear that I inferred no such thing and I was only giving the reasons for my resignation.

With regard to my comments on Nigel's proposal, I have now discussed this with Nigel and given him the reasons for my comments.  Likewise he has also assured me that there was no malice intended in his proposal and I fully accept that this was the case.  So I fully retract any comments I made in my letter regarding Nigel's Proposal.

In the interests of not boring you all further I will not go into further detail, just to say that Nigel, Andy and myself have now settled our differences and look forward to working together to further the interests of the club and its members.

Regards Alex.

St CuthbertÂ’s Swallet Maintenance

Date:  Saturday, 28 February 1998

Attendance:  Graham Johnson (Jake), Richard Blake, 1van Sandford, Mike Willett, Alex Gee, Gareth Leadbetter, Roger Haskett, Mr Michael Duck, Dave 1rwin, Roger Stenner & the Hut Warden (Production Manager, Refreshment Division).

Project:  Replacement of the valve on the entrance damn.

Over the past few months there has been increasing trouble with the entrance damn, culminating with Chris Castle proclaiming that the valve was totally buggered on 24.02.98. Jake and Richard investigated the problem during the Saturday morning and found that the fault was due to general wear and tear which had destroyed the thread on the gate mechanism. Unfortunately, the bolts connecting the whole valve to the pipe behind were rusted in place, making a straight forward replacement impossible.  As considerable water was backing up in the depression, they were left with little choice but to remove the internal gate piece and leave the depression to drain over lunchtime.

The workforce swelled over the lunch period and the crew returned in far greater force.  During the afternoon they split themselves into two sections, one working on the valve replacement problem, whilst the other looked to cutting off water flow into the depression through sealing and improving the upstream damn.

The new valve was bolted onto the old and a silt trap was constructed in the form of a low dry stone wall, which conveniently, also serves to direct most of the water down the soak-away.

Further maintenance work is required to unblock the soak-away, but this will not be attempted until water levels drop during the summer.

Report by: Rebecca Campbell