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Rolling Calendar

31/12/97                MRO ‘Hands On’ Equipment familiarisation.  MRO Store/Belfry.  10.30am.

2/1/98                   BEC Committee Meeting.

3/1/98                   BEC v Wessex Skittles Challenge, New Inn, Priddy.  7.30pm start

3/1/98                   Cavers Stomp, Priddy Village Hall organised by Axbridge Caving Group. Tickets from Hunters/Bat Products £5 in advance, £6 on the door. Gwen, Cindy ,Andrea

24/1/98                  BEC Practice Rescue. Cuckoo Cleeves 10am. Alex Gee

24/1/98                  MRO Resuscitation Workshop Hunters Lodge 7.30pm.

25/1/98                  St. Cuthbert’s Leaders Meeting Hunters Lodge 2pm. Andy Thomas

6/2/98                   BEC Committee Meeting

7/2/98                   CSCC Meeting.

7/2/98                   BEC STOMP Priddy Village Hall Roz Bateman

7/2/98                   CSCC Meeting.

6/3/98                   BEC Committee Meeting.

3/4/98                   BEC Committee Meeting.

1/5/98                   BEC Committee Meeting.

15-17/5/98             NAMHO field meet Nenthead Village Hall, Nenthead, Alston, Cumbria

16/5/98                  CSCC Meeting.

5/6/98                   BEC Committee Meeting.

3/7/98                   BEC Committee Meeting.

4-5/7/98                 Cavers Fair, Mendip.

7/8/98                   BEC Committee Meeting.

4/9/98                   BEC Committee Meeting.

3/10/98                  BEC AGM and Dinner.