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A Letter From The Hut Engineer.

Dear Jingles,

Please can you publish in the BB the following ...

Having been elected to the committee as hut engineer for this year I feel I must state that I need the support of the membership in order to accomplish the tasks that need doing.

There is a lot of work to be done on the Belfry and this will require the efforts of quite a few people. I am not capable of getting this work done by myself and am thus appealing to members for their help.

The Belfry is a communal property belonging as much to the club as to each individual in it and thus it is in our own interests to main tin it to an acceptable standard, sadly at present this is not the case.

I have set aside some dates for working weekends as follows ....

9.3.96.                Cleanup day (prior to disco at village hall)

13&14.4.96.        Working weekend

22&23.6.96.        Working weekend

31.8 & 1.9.96.     Working weekend.

I aim to have specific tasks in mind for each weekend so that the pressing jobs get done.

If anyone wants details of this, please contact me.

With a bit of work we can make the hut highly functional again, it is the club's hut. ... and you are the club .... so please come and help

Estelle Sandford.

......... High time a bit of work was put in, I can remember working weekends where a lot got done and bloody good fun was had.  Lets hope we can do this and support Estelle in her efforts .......... .Jingles.