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I have received the following letters from Jeni Galligan, the “Victim” in a recent Mendip rescue. The first was sent to Tony at Bat Products, the second to the Editor.

3rd November

Dear Mr. Jarret

I would be most grateful if you would display this letter of gratitude in a prominent position in your shop to enable fellow cavers to read it.  Many thanks.

On the 23rd October 1993, I found myself in a bit of a sticky predicament.  Whilst exploring G.B., I was unfortunate enough to break my leg in four places at the 40ft pitch.

With the combined efforts and a great courage of several caving clubs, these men and women saved my life, and to them I am eternally grateful.  Although it is impossible for me to thank everyone individually, I shall be writing to each caving club and ambulance crew that was involved in the rescue.

I must express my warmest regards to Vince Simmonds who brought me back to the land of the living, had it not been for Vince and his quick actions, I might not have lived to tell the tale.  Vince, a great big thank you!

I came out of hospital on the 1st November, and thanks to all you rescuers.  I am now on the mend and look forward to resuming my caving activities as soon as I am able, and also look forward to meeting you all again under better circumstances.  Once again a great big thank you.

            Yours sincerely…….Jeni Galligan.



B. B. Editor, C/O Brian Prewer.

To the Editor,

On Saturday, 23rd October whilst caving in G.B., I had an accident.  I sustained four fractures to my right leg.  It took 60-70 men and women five hours of sheer guts and determination to get me out.  I would be most grateful if you would publish this letter to express my sincere gratitude to all concerned.  They are as follows:

My team:

Paul Curtis, Damien Walker & Lynne Niland
Vince Simmons, who administered artificial resuscitation.
M.R.O., M.C.G., W.C.C., B.E.C.
Imperial College Caving club, London.
Roger Tomlinson, Paramedic.
And to anyone else who kindly assisted.

Yours sincerely…….Jeni Galligan